Global Marketing Success - from the World's Coolest Cities to Birmingham Business School

The Range Rover Evoque is arguably the automotive industry’s biggest marketing success. For undergraduates studying Principles of Marketing it’s a case study fuelling academic interest in how established luxury brands move into new markets.  Range Rover’s target market for the Evoque saw a break from tradition - no longer just the established country, “out-doorsy”  big, off-roader, but  city-based elegance with, green  urban-cool. It was a shift to a new customer base significant enough to need a big marketing gear change.

How they did it was revealed to marketing students via an interactive lecture which allowed hands-on experience of  a top of the range Evoque outside the Business School. Students then heard  first-hand the marketing story which drove the vehicle to global success from Jaguar Land Rover’s Richard Agnew and Birmingham alumnus Laura Wood, from the international creative marketing company The Brooklyn Brothers. At the event Richard Agnew from Jaguar Landrover’s in house communications team said “the Evoque is now sold across 170 countries and is truly global, and in that respect it’s very like Birmingham Business School. Our approach turned the traditional ways of new model marketing on its head and started with the target group.”

Students heard how the Evoque campaign centred on using  tools of engagement - including  apps for key influencers to map out their city journeys,  a series of metal framed vehicle models for artists to work with, and crashing Paris Fashion Week - Events around art, music and film built both PR interest and a rich seam of online content from influencers and brand ambassadors. The result: 14  million views of content,  prelaunch orders of 50,000 – more than double the target, production at Halewood became 24/7 and up to 4,000 new jobs created.

Birmingham Business School Senior Teaching Fellow Mark Foster who leads the Principles of Marketing module said “What we have here are students who’re the marketing stars of the future meeting  a truly global marketing star – the Evoque. Learning is not only about theory, but about seeing  new and innovative ways theories are put into practice, and successfully. That’s key preparation for future employment.”