'Minimum alcohol pricing could just work' says Professor Isabelle Szmigin

Birmingham Business School’s Professor Isabelle Szmigin featured on The Guardian website this week discussing how minimum alcohol pricing could just work and that it should be given a chance.

alcohol consumption

The subject matter has featured heavily in the news this week after the UK government has considered dropping the proposed minimum pricing of alcohol. This news comes as a big disappointment to many, including health professionals who believe minimum pricing could potentially curb illnesses and deaths caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

In the article, Isabelle relates to the fact that “some people may suffer more than others from a price increase” but figures show that, although there have been some recent reductions in the consumption of alcohol in the UK, “most of us have had experiences of the impact of excessive alcohol” so there is no doubt that more needs to be done about it. She comments that “even if a few suffer as a result of minimum pricing, it would still be worth it if the community as a whole can benefit.”

At a time like this I cannot but feel disappointed that the government has not taken the initiative to try something that might work.

Isabelle is well placed to comment on this matter as she has researched and written on the subject of alcohol consumption and in particular the social and cultural aspects of young people's drinking behaviour.

Read the full article on The Guardian website:
Minimum alcohol pricing could just work. It should be given a chance