Professor Isabelle Szmigin and Jeremy Paxman talk Christmas ads on BBC Newsnight

Professor Isabelle Szmigin from the Department of Marketing recently appeared on BBC Newsnight, continuing to offer her expert views on the current state of Christmas ad campaigns.

Isabelle was questioned by Jeremy Paxman on how Christmas adverts have developed into a form where they no longer simply advertise and sell products, but evoke on people's emotions and feelings:

There's a particular type of ad going on, this narrative ad, the nostalgia, the trying to go back to family values, but this is a very competitive environment [and] some do well and some don't"

Click the image to visit BBC iPlayer to view Isabelle's interview.

Even though TV and press advertising spending increased by 23% in 2012 compared to the previous year, the ad isn't the sole means of companies advertising their brand over the festive period; social media and price discounts instore are also key, and when sitting alongside the ad campaign, forms an amalgamation of different ways for consumers interact with a brand.


Isabelle does give a warning to companies looking to copy what their competitors are doing though, saying that some adverts are becoming similar:

Once you've seen the story and it comes up again and again, you can get a little bit bored with it."

The interview is currently available to view on BBC iPlayer; Newsnight 13/11/2013 (feature starts at 36.33, Professor Szmigin features from 40:58)