The Christmas ad campaign: Professor Isabelle Szmigin talks to BBC Breakfast

Professor Isabelle Szmigin from the Department of Marketing appeared on BBC Breakfast News yesterday morning, discussing Christmas advert campaigns.

Festive adverts for major retailers are now appearing on our television screens, all competing to tempt consumers to come and spend at their stores. Recent years have seen Christmas adverts develop into big-budget commercials with emotional storylines as a way to attract people to their brand and stores.

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The engagement of these narrative ads and the nostalgia it brings, it’s very different to very hard product brand related [ads], not saying that that doesn’t work as well.”

When asked what is more effective; an advert that states the price of an item or one, such as the 2011 John Lewis Christmas advert, that tells a story, Isabelle said:

I think the key thing is advertising has got to get through the clutter, there’s masses and masses of advertising so if you can get the engagement through the child on the swing then fine, but what’s really important for the retailers and the manufacturers is that when people go shopping they remember what that brand is."

The interview is currently available to view for a limited time on the BBC News website; "The battle of the Christmas adverts".