Professor Isabelle Szmigin on BBC One Breakfast - "Should sweets be banned at the supermarket checkout?"

The Department of Marketing’s Professor Isabelle Szmigin appeared on BBC One Breakfast yesterday, discussing whether sweets be banned at the supermarket checkout.

Alongside Linda Hindle from the British Dietetic Association, Professor Szmigin discusses how supermarkets should take some responsibility for how prevalent calorie rich food is in many aisles of the supermarket, and how sweets and chocolate are predominantly featured at the checkout to tempt customers into impulse purchases.

Click the image to visit the BBC One Breakfast website to view Isabelle's interview.

When challenged that it is the supermarket’s responsibility to sell us food and that they are in are business to make a profit, not nanny its consumers, Isabelle argued:

I don’t think it is a case of nannying us, I do actually think that this is a very important part of corporate social responsibility and a lot of these big supermarkets have signed up for the Governments responsibility deal”.

The interview is currently available to view on the BBC One Breakfast website; "Should sweets be banned at the supermarket checkout?".