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The Relationships and Networks Research Group conducts work which investigates the relational interfaces both within the company itself and between the company and various external stakeholders. 

It examines these relationships in multiple contexts, including products, services, multinational companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs and in various industries such as sport, tourism, healthcare, sustainable energy. Specific areas of interest include unethical practices, the utilization of technology and the roles and processes of relationships and networks. We aim to encourage ethical and responsible business through the examination of deviant behavior at the customer, employee and organization level andthrough UK/EU competition authority investigations of marketing. A number of aspects of innovation and technology are being examined including how customers can be involved in innovation to how a new medium such as Twitter is utilized in different sectors with a view to developing and improving communication strategies. Within different contexts various processes both relational and network are examined to determine how the performance of companies can be improved.


The research is presented at various national and international conferences including the Academy of Marketing, ServSig American Marketing Association (AMA), European Institute of Retailing and Service Studies (EIRASS), Industrial Marketing and Purchasing (IMP) Group and the Marketing and Purchasing Asia conference.

Notable Publications

Below is a selection of the group’s work published in various high quality, peer reviewed academic journals.

Campbell N., O’Driscoll A., Saren M., (2013), Reconceptualising Resources: A Critique of Service-Dominant Logic, Journal of Macromarketing, 33(3): pp. 1-16.

Harris, L.C., Fisk, R., and Sylova, H., (Forthcoming), Exposing Pinocchio Customers: An Empirical Analysis of Exaggerated Service Stories, Journal of Service Management

Harris, L. C. andOgbonna, E., (2014), Organizational Cultural Perpetuation: A Case Study of an English Premier League Football Club, British Journal of Management, 25, (4), pp. 667-686.

Hongwei, H., and Harris, L.C., (2014), Moral Disengagement of Consumer Revenge to Service Failure: Moral Identity, Moral Awareness, and Anger, Annals of Tourism Research, 45, pp. 132-151.

Jones, R.,Suoranta, M., and Rowley, J., (2013), Entrepreneurial Marketing: A Comparative Study. The Service Industries Journal, 33(7-8): pp. 705-719.

Jones, R.,Suoranta, M., and Rowley, J., (2013), Strategic Network Marketing in technology SMEs.Journal of Marketing Management, 29(5-6): pp.671-697.                                                                                                        

Leek, S., Houghton D.J., and Canning L., (Forthcoming)  Twitter and Behavioral Engagement in the Healthcare Sector: An Examination of Product and Service Companies. Industrial Marketing Management,

Leek S., Canning, L. and Houghton, D.,(2016),Revisiting the Task Media Fit model in the era of Web 2.0: Twitter use and interaction in the Healthcare Sector. Industrial Marketing Management, 54, pp.25-32.

Ogbonna, E. and Harris, L.C. (2015),  Subcultural tensions in managing organisational culture: a study of an English Premier League football organisation, Human Resource Management Journal, 25 (2), April 2015, Pages: 217–232

Peters, L. D., Johnston, W., Pressey, A. D., and Gilchrist, A. J. P., (Forthcoming). Involving customers in innovation: Knowledgeability and Agency as process variables. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.

Peters, L., Pressey, A. D., and Johnston, W. J., (forthcoming).Contingent Factors Affecting Network Learning, Journal of Business Research.

Peters, L., and Pressey, A. D., (2016). The Co-ordinative Practices of Complex Temporary Industrial Networks: Evidence from the UK Construction Industry, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 31(2).

Pressey, A. D., and Vanharanta, M., (2016), Dark Network Tensions and Illicit Forbearance: Exploring Paradox and Instability in Illegal Cartels. Industrial Marketing Management.

Pressey, A. D., (2015), The Man Who Managed Your Marketing? Estes Kefauver and the Drug Hearings on Antitrust and Monopoly. Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 7(4): pp.429-451.

Zhu, W., He, H., Treviño, L., Chao, M., andWang, W. (2015). Ethical leadership and follower voice and performance: The role of follower identifications and entity morality beliefs, The Leadership Quarterly, 26, 702-718. 

Members of the Relationships and Networks -  Entrepreneurship Research Group

Professor Lloyd Harris

Professor of Marketing

Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 5382

Professor Lloyd C. Harris is a Professor of Marketing and Head of the Department of Marketing at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham . Previously, he was Head of Marketing and Professor of Marketing at Warwick Business School and the Sir Julian Hodge Chair in Strategic Marketing at Cardiff Business School. He holds both a Ph.D. from Cardiff University and a D.Sc. from Warwick University.

Research results have been disseminated via a range of marketing, strategy, H.R.M. and general management journals. He has published widely in these fields and has published over one hundred pieces.

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Lloyd C Harris

Dr. Sheena Leek 

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 6226

Sheena joined the Birmingham Business School from the University of Cardiff in September 2004. In the area of business to business marketing she is interested in the role of information technology on communication within business relationships, the role of social capital in initiating relationships and branding. Within consumer behaviour her research interests include consumer confusion in high tech areas such as the mobile phone industry and convenience and healthy eating. 

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Sheena Leek

Dr. Andrew Pressey

Reader in Marketing

Telephone: +44 (0)121 415 8179

Andrew is a Reader in Marketing at the University of Birmingham, and Deputy Head of the Department of Marketing at Birmingham Business School (BBS). 

He has published (or has forthcoming) in excess of forty journal articles. He has won a number of awards for his research (including Emerald Management Reviews Citation of Excellence, and from the British Academy of Marketing), and acted as guest editor for the Journal of Marketing ManagementJournal of Business and Industrial MarketingIndustrial Marketing Management, and Journal of Historical Research in Marketing

Andrew is currently an Associate Editor of the Journal of Marketing Management, and a member of the editorial board of Industrial Marketing Management and editorial advisory board for the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing. He has over eighteen years of teaching and research experience in UK universities and overseas at all academic levels (including UG, PG, executive education, and MBA), and also has extensive programme leadership experience.  

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Andrew Pressey

Professor Michael Saren

Visiting Professor of Marketing


Professor Saren has published articles in many academic management journals in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA. He has a recent textbook introducing the theory and practice marketing as a cultural as well as an economic activity entitled ‘Marketing Graffiti’ (Routledge, 2018). In recent years his research has focused on the Development of Marketing Theory, particularly marketing knowledge, consumer culture and marketing responsibility. In recognition of his contribution to the field in 2007 he was awardedan Honorary Fellowship and Lifetime Membership of the UK Academy of Marketing.

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Dr. Inci Toral

Teaching Fellow

Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 4848

Inci has worked in the retail banking industry as a manager, and as a project manager for different technology and banking institutions and has been involved in a number of projects in change and restructuring. The title of her PhD was The Role of Interorganisational Tension and Conflict in Market Creation Practice. This thesis was supervised by Professor Mark Palmer, Dr. Ronan de Kervenoael and Dr.Luigi de Luca. She is now working on publishing her thesis in range of marketing, organisational and technology journal outlets.

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Dr. Weiyue Wang 

Lecturer in Marketing

Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 6733

Dr Weiyue Wang joined the Department of Marketing, BirminghamBusinessSchool as a Lecturer in Marketing in early October 2017. Prior to this, he was lecturing at CoventryUniversity and University of Salford. Weiyue received his PhD in Marketing from Bradford University School of Management. His research interests include the employee customer orientation and service performance, employment relationships, leadership, and behavioural ethics.

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Weiyue Wang

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