Research in the Department of Strategy and International Business

Research undertaken in SIB covers five broadly defined areas:

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Specific research areas include: company self-regulation in global supply chains, corporate reputation, environmental management, fair-trade, international framework agreements (IFAs), labour codes of conduct, stakeholder management.

Internationalisation and China
Specific research areas include cross-cultural management, global strategic alliances, internationalisation of SMEs, risk perception and governance of international strategic alliances, social capital and internationalisation of firms.

Knowledge and Innovation
Specific research areas include: global innovation strategies, knowledge flows in and between enterprises, knowledge-intensive business, national systems of innovation and emerging economies, R&D and knowledge management in multinational firms, regional and local economic change, location choices of MNCs and/or SMEs.

Resilience and Extreme Events
Specific research areas include: business flood recovery and preparedness, cyber-security, organisational and inter-organisational resilience, the implications of social media for emergency management.

Methodological issues in cross-country research 
Specific research areas include methodological rigor, data collection procedures in survey research, data collection equivalence, research paradigms, data credibility, replicability and transparency.

SIB group members consistently publish in journals ranked as 4* world leading and 3* internationally excellent by the Association of Business Schools. These journals include Environment and Planning (A, C, and D), Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of International Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of World Business, Management International Review, Organization Studies, Research Policy, Strategic Management Journal, and Work Employment and Society.

Potential PhD Research Areas

The Department of Strategy and International Business welcomes applications from students intending to research strategy and international business in different contexts and drawing upon a range of theories and methodological approaches. The Department’s research interests focus on International Business and Globalisation. Applicants are advised to consult the staff profiles in the department to identify a possible supervisor.

The following list indicates some of the research interests of academics in the department, but applications in other areas are welcomed:

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Crisis management including Resilience
  • High-tech SMEs and their internationalization
  • Innovation
  • International strategic alliances
  • Social capital and internationalization of firms
  • Sustainability and Strategy
  • Regional economic development
  • Professional service companies
  • Strategic agility, resilience and innovation
  • Ambidexterity
  • Non market strategies of Service Multinationals
  • Strategy, governance and management of multinationals
  • Location choices of multinational companies
  • Language and multilinguality
  • Methodological issues in cross-country survey research
  • Internationalisation strategies of firms 
  • Management of international strategic alliances 
  • International knowledge flows and skilled labour mobility
  • Competition and innovation
  • Knowledge management of MNEs in and from emerging economies
  • Political dimensions and non-market strategy of MNEs from emerging economies
  • Global innovation networks
  • Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry
  • National and industry-based Innovation systems
  • Learning and upgrading in global value chains