Management Research Seminar - Dr Paul Tosey

University House - Room 204
Wednesday 23rd March 2016 (14:00-15:00)
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Speaker: Dr Paul Tosey, University of Surrey

Research interests

  • `Inner space’: exploring inner worlds and facilitating individual learning and personal development through systemic modes of coaching, especially `Clean Language’ (a metaphor-based practice) and Neuro-linguistic Programming.
  • Organisational learning, especially the work of Gregory Bateson and his theory of `levels of learning’ and its applications; paradoxical features of organisational change strategies, such as unintended consequences.
  • Phenomenological research methods: innovations such as applications of `Clean Language’ to research; Psycho-phenomenology; the role of metaphor and epistemic questions.
  • Transformative learning theory and practice: enquiry-based learning, experiential learning, creativity, and complexity theory in Higher Education; Team Academy (a Finnish approach to enterprise and leadership education).