Everyday Creativity and Communication

Alan Walters Building
Thursday 7th September 2017 (07:30-16:30)
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How can companies use metaphor to make their advertising more effective? Why does an advert go viral? How does language shape thought? Can creative thinking get you out of a communication crisis? If you like to think outside the box, come join us in this interactive one-day workshop to explore this and other issues with academics and professionals. Breakfast, lunch & refreshments provided and pizza party at the end of the day!

Programme for the day

07:30 - 09:30: Rise and shine

Business-relevant presentations plus networking time for companies and academics. Breakfast & refreshments included!

10:00 - 13:00: How does creativity work?

A series of interactive discussions with academics working on creativity in different forms of communication.

  • J Littlemore & P Sobrino (University of Birmingham): Figurative Language in a Global Market
  • M Bolognessi (Metaphor Lab) : Advertising non-tangible products using visual metaphors
  • Christian Burgers (VU Amsterdam): Creativity in Figurative Frames
  • Matteo Fuoli (University of Birmingham): Trust management strategies in business discourse

14:00 - 16:30: All hands on deck!

Choose one of the three hands-on workshops in each session to explore how creativity works.

Session 1

  • J Littlemore & P Sobrino (University of Birmingham): Advertising around the world
  • D Houghton (University of Birmingham): Advertising efficacy, word-of-mouth and viral marketing
  • M Bolognessi (Metaphor Lab) : Metaphorical brains at play

Session 2

  • B Winter & P Sobrino (University of Birmingham): Tasting with your ears: sound symbolism in advertising
  • Christian Burgers (VU Amsterdam): How creative is your metaphorical thinking?
  • Matteo Fuoli (University of Birmingham): Testing the persuasiveness of business communication


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