'Everest, Peak of Achievement' - Special Guest Lecture by Sir Chris Bonington

Birmingham Business School, Room 110
Wednesday 7 December 2011 (17:00-19:00)

Sir Chris Bonington is one of the most successful expedition leaders in the history of mountaineering. In 1985, at the age of 50, Sir Chris was part of the Norwegian Everest Expedition that reached the summit of Everest in record time. In his talk to Birmingham Business School students and alumni, he will demonstrate how the the personal and team attributes required to scale Everest are similar to those necessary to succeed in business at the highest level: visionary leadership, empowerment, teamwork, organisation, determination and perseverance.

The lecture will last approximately 1hr, with a 30-minute Q&A session and networking reception to follow.

To register your interest in this event, please email:  bbsalumnievents@contacts.bham.ac.uk by 5th December 2011

For more information about Sir Chris Bonington's legendary career, or for more details about the lecture itself.

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