MBA students support racing cars success

Students from the College of Engineering of Physical Sciences are continuing their collaboration with Birmingham Business Schools MBA students to compete in The Formula Student UK (FSUK) competition- a student engineering competition in which teams from all over the world design, manufacture and race a Formula-style car.

Paul Lewis with MBA students and UB Racing TeamAs part of the competition each team must present a business case to prove their ideas are financially sound and to be able to demonstrate that the production of the racing car could be made into a sustainable business. This aspect of the competition is where the collaboration with MBA students comes to the forefront. In the 2013-14 season, the involvement of the MBA students helped the team place in the top 10 British teams, and 33rd overall of university teams from around the world.

The team was incredibly keen to develop a relationship with Birmingham Business School, specifically working with the MBA students to improve our appreciation of how to run a business.The team has struggled in the business event for a number of years, where our lack of integration with business has been repeatedly criticised. In the 2013-14 season, the involvement of the MBA students not only helped the teams overall ranked position, but it also gave the Engineering students involved a much greater understanding of how a company’s economics should be handled. Joseph Moorhouse, University of Birmingham Racing Team

Birmingham Business School is dedicated to supporting students gain a variety of relevant experiences to further enhance career prospects. The opportunity to work with other students across different disciplines has given MBA Students a chance to be a part of a competition that is one of the worlds most respected motor sport competitions. The University of Birmingham’s 17th racing car was unveiled on Friday 28 March on campus and work is already underway on the 18th racing car.

The realistic aim for competition this year is to be within the top five of the British teams. Christopher Findlay, University of Birmingham Racing Team