Zurich Enterprise Challenge gives extra-curricular opportunities to MBA Students


One of the extra-curricular activities available to Birmingham Business School’s MBA Students is The Zurich Enterprise Challenge. Read on and discover the experiences of the students involved.

The Zurich Enterprise Challenge is a three phase iteration run between the Zurich Insurance Group and Project Firefly. This competition aims to identity the very best talent among the group of young people wanting to start their careers in the world of risk management.

This year the Zurich Enterprise Challenge had 230 candidates, applying from 49 universities worldwide. Of those 230 were Birmingham Business School representatives: Bruno Conceicao, Rajdeep Sangha and Ronnie Versher.

The Challenge is an opportunity for the groups to work with Zurich Insurance, as well as its customers, and the opportunity to use the award winning Zurich Risk Room tool that illuminates, “the various dynamics and intricacies of constructing and providing a quality risk assessment.” explains Ronnie.

Team mate, Raj, states:

The Zurich Risk challenge was an enlightening experience. It was the perfect opportunity to increase my risk mitigation knowledge and apply it to business development. It has enhanced my ability to identify, assess and mitigate risk in the future.”

The Team made it through to the second phase of the iteration where they were partnered up with Zurich customers and consumer goods company Nestlé SA. This was part of a corporate challenge where the team had to present their solution to the companies. The Team was highly praised for their work and were consequently asked to take part in the Zurich Debate panel, which was made up from a member of Project Firefly’s Academic Review Board and two other excelling teams from the competition.

Team Leader, Bruno, represented the team and explains:

The whole point of taking part in this debate was to again put myself in unfamiliar situations and be able to show resilience even when I am required to discuss about topics far outside of my expertise. It was an awesome experience from start to finish.”

Birmingham Business School would like to give huge congratulations to the team. Competitions such as the Zurich Enterprise Challenge are the types of activities that a MBA student can get involved in at the University of Birmingham, Birmingham Business School.

Team Leader, Bruno advises that:

Every student should take part in extracurricular activities such as this one as it is a great platform to enhance professional skills such as team work and project management that are essential in today’s job market.”

Our MBA cohort will be graduating from the University this term. For more information on the MBA programme available visit our MBA webpage.