Distinguished Leaders Series: Laurence Hollingworth, J.P.Morgan

On Wednesday 15th March, Laurence Hollingworth (LLB Law, 1979), Vice Chair of Investment Banking at J.P.Morgan, visited the Business School to deliver the latest Distinguished Leaders lecture; Perspectives on a Career in Banking. 

During his lecture, Laurence provided an insight into a career in banking to around 80 alumni, students and staff. He explained how his career within J.P.Morgan has evolved and why he chose his career in banking, which deviated from his planned career in law and started with a job with the largest Investment banking firm in London.

Laurence discussed how J.P.Morgan are continuing to invest in new technology and fintech, having recently taken both Facebook and Snapchat public, adding “in our business you cannot stand still, you have to continue to invest.”

When sharing his expertise on managing people, he stressed the importance of hiring the right people and hiring people who are more intelligent than you. He further added; “you have to be trusted you have to be respected and you have to earn people’s trust.”

Laurence has extensive international experience, having spent a lot of time in both China and the USA and he encouraged students to gain as much international exposure as possible, promoting the benefits of working in these diverse and dynamic countries.

When asked what makes a good business leader, he said; “A successful business leader is someone who is confident, who is trusted, who is experienced, who is thoughtful and I think it is also about having this combination of knowledge and social skills and being able to articulate what you believe”.

Prior to the lecture, Laurence held a roundtable session with twelve selected MSc and MBA students, where he shared in insights into a career in investment banking, offering expert advice and knowledge to the students.

Listen to Laurence Hollingworth's full lecture below:


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