Students rate UK as the safest place to study

Students worldwide believe the UK is the safest place to study, an international survey has found.

The perceived multicultural nature of Britain’s society is the key reason for its reputation as the most secure study destination, according to students from over 80 countries who responded to a survey conducted by the British Council and online student community, The Student Room.

Crime against a rapidly rising number of globally mobile students, along with news and views spread via the internet, has led to a heightened awareness of the risks faced when studying abroad.

As a result, safety has risen sharply in students’ priorities when deciding where to study. According to an annual poll carried out by the British Council of over 160,000 prospective students, it is now the fifth most important consideration out of 19 factors influencing choice of study destination, compared with 17th most important six years ago.

Over a quarter of students who responded to the poll placed Britain top in the safety ratings.

The British Council’s Education Intelligence team used findings from this poll along with responses from the survey on The Student Room and feedback from focus groups with students and their parents to analyse the perceived threat to students’ personal safety while studying abroad.

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