The Business Lounge, now open at the Business School

During the holidays, a refurbishment took place within the University of Birmingham Business School to improve the current common room following feedback from students. It was identified that students required a more flexible working and break space within the Business School.


The newly refurbished common room, renamed The Business Lounge, is now open with multiple improvements to enhance the student study and break space:

  • Group working areas – wall mounted PCs, with keyboard and mouse available
  • Mobile screens – provide some privacy whilst allowing light to flow through
  • Additional electrical points – providing more charging points for students working with laptops
  • Café tables – high level bar tables and chairs
  • Dining area – round tables for a more formal dining break
  • Soft seating areas – for more informal breaks or discussions
  • Flexible layouts – furniture that is easy to move gives flexible layouts for general use, events and visit days
  • Décor – the room has been recarpeted and redecorated with new blinds and a new colour scheme.

Once you have visited the new The Business Lounge, we would appreciate your feedback which can be sent to Alternativelty, if you are on Twitter then let us know your thoughts at the newly launched University of Birmingham Business School Twitter; @UoB_Business