Adviser to the Prime Minister on Small Business and Enterprise Visits Birmingham Business School

Lord Young, Adviser to the Prime Minister on small business and enterprise, paid a visit to Birmingham Business School to discuss the School’s role in supporting small firms in the region. He met with the Dean of the Business School, Professor Simon Collinson and a small group of faculty, students and staff.


Lord Young, seated third from the left, next to Birmingham Business School Dean Simon Collinson

Lord Young had asked to visit the School to discuss how we, and business schools in general, deliver help to small businesses through our programmes, facilities and students. Faculty research on ethnic minority businesses and the financial constraints on small firm growth were discussed, as well as the role the School and the University plays in supporting start-ups, spin-outs and small business growth through workshops, mentoring and student placements.

Lord Young has many years of experience in business and government circles, including the role of Secretary of State for Trade and Industry during the late Margaret Thatcher's time as Prime Minister. He is drawing on his experience to develop additional support mechanisms for small businesses nationally and will publish his report soon.

Birmingham Business School has a long tradition of supporting local small firms as well producing policy insights that benefit enterprise growth.