Global Value Chains Research Group


Birmingham Business School has always had research excellence in themes related to globalisation with a critical view on the impact of multinational corporations on the global economy.

The Global Value Chain (GVC) Research Group at the Business School focuses on inter-organisational relationships which cross national boundaries and raise questions about topics such as power relationships between firms and the extent to which national, international, public and private regulatory systems provide both constraints on, and resources for, different actors in the chain.

An upcoming workshop on the 25-26th April will look at integrating labour and skills into global value chains and feature debate on such questions as:

  • What is the potential for local actors to influence outcomes in terms of blocking the adoption of low road paths to economic development and supporting skill formation and capacity for innovation?
  • What is the role of private interests and public policy in shaping and supporting the up-skilling and learning of the labour force as well as the upgrading and increasing innovative capabilities of firms, regions and countries?
  • How can international coordination between labour representatives, and with other stakeholders, strengthen the capacity for labour upgrading?

The workshop will gather a number of high profile national and international speakers from different backgrounds and provide an opportunity for intellectual debate with sessions organised to maximise discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Find out more about the Global Value Chains Research Group’s ‘Integrating Labour and Skills into Global Value Chains’ workshop.

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