Alumni come together for 2014 London Professional Network event

Over 80 alumni from the fields of business, corporate finance, investment banking, insurance, law, property and commercial ventures came together as part of the ninth annual London Professional Network event.

This year’s event was once again hosted by Paul King, alumnus and COO and Vice President Operations and Transformation at BT Global Services. Due to the generosity of BT and Paul, the event was able to use fifty percent of the ticket price to support the new library project at the University of Birmingham. The new library will be one of the most ambitious libraries in UK higher education, and a new icon for the university.

A number of current students joined the Alumni at the event including Mitali Gohel, a third year Business Student who will be joining BT on their graduate programme in September, who has benefited from the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme.

Mitali said:

Having an alumni mentor has proved to be an invaluable asset to me at my final year of university. It is so useful to have someone who has been through the graduate recruitment process to sound out ideas with and ask for advice. I would encourage all students and alumni to get involved in this thoroughly rewarding scheme."

Dean of the Birmingham Business School, Professor Simon Collinson, also attended the event, welcoming alumni and speaking of the university’s commitment to producing high quality professionals.


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If you feel that you could share your career expertise with current students at the University then please do let us know, as your experience and ongoing contribution to University life will help our students to differentiate themselves in the workplace;