Lord Bilimoria, recently appointed Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, discusses higher education in the UK

Lord Bilimoria, Birmingham Business School Advisory Board member and newly appointed Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, recently featured in The Independent discussing a range of topics including higher education in the UK, entrepreneurs and politics.

With regards to high education, Bilimoria says that:

It is one our biggest exports. We've got some of the best universities in the world, yet the number of students coming here from India fell by 25 per cent last year.

Foreign students build bridges with the country they’re studying in. Most go home, but they retain a degree of attachment to that country.”

Lord Bilimoria is famed for developing Cobra Beer; a less gassy, premium lager brewed to specifically appeal to both ale drinkers and lager drinkers alike and to complement food and is sold in 98.6 per cent of Indian restaurants in Britain plus 4,000.

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Birmingham Business School Advisory Board.

Lord Bilimoria appointed as Chancellor of the University of Birmingham.