More MBA candidates seeking out specialist programmes…

Simon Collinson, Dean of Birmingham Business School, comments in the Business Education supplement of The Sunday Times (18/05/2014).

Prospective MBA candidates are looking for more from their qualification, more flexibility in the learning approach and more specialist programmes, with a focus on a specific role or industry.

Professor Simon Collinson, Dean of Birmingham Business School, commented on this shift within the MBA sector, “A growing number of students are looking for alternatives to traditional MBA programmes with specialist courses becoming increasingly popular. We have seen a fairly marked decline in generic MBAs, especially full time MBAs. The demand is for more flexible options and for those that focus on a specific function or industry. Business Schools are working on ways to differentiate their MBAs.”

These MBA programmes will still cover core business areas such as accounting and marketing but will the addition of much more targeted subjects and sector-specific internships.

Professor Collinson continues, “Rolls-Royce is coming to us saying, ‘we value the MBA but we need a customised model for engineering.’ Students too are increasingly interested in more focused programmes.”

Birmingham Business School is looking to develop specialist PG degree programmes in areas like engineering, health care and professional services. This is both in recognition of the University’s strengths in these areas and in response to industry demand – our aim is to provide employers with personnel that have the relevant skill sets and knowledge required for their sector/industry.

The article, written by Carly Chynoweth is entitled ‘I’ll have an MBA with engineering on top….More MBA candidates seeking out specialist programmes’