Accountability and Governance Research Cluster

Any process of governing, whether it be a government, market or even a community of people requires accountability. Accountability or oversight ensures that governance is appropriate, efficient, responsive and leads to optimal usage of resources in meeting the objectives of the governing organisation.

The Accountability and Governance Research Cluster has three core themes in accountability and governance; Tax, Public Sector and Policing. The Centre for Tax Governance examines issues of tax governance from the perspective of social, political, legal and organisational theory. The Public Sector theme focusses on the analysis of the objectives, practices and outcomes of accountability and governance in the context of the Public Sphere. Policing examines accountability with respect to the governance of policing.

Of particular interest to the cluster is the governance and accountability of Police and Crime Commissioners; the administration of tax with respect to mid-tier UK businesses; institutions of taxation and in devolved and local administrations.

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