China has become one of the largest economies in the world and an influential global player. Therefore the study of the Chinese economy has increasing importance as China becomes further integrated into the global economic structure.

This Research Cluster undertakes research to understand how and why China has developed and what this tells us about the future path of development and the challenges that China faces.

Research on both financial and economic issues, and the interaction between them, is a distinctive aspect of the cluster’s research.

As an example, current research being undertaken by cluster members focusses on explaining how Chinese firms, and especially private firms, have been able to grow at phenomenal rates in the last thirty years, notwithstanding that they faced severe financing constraints.

Further areas of research, which will be able to understand how the financial system will play an increasing role in China’s growth are:

  • banking system and financial reforms;
  • capital markets development;
  • corporate finance and entrepreneurship;
  • corporate governance.