Our key messages

Engaging with academics, policy makers and practitioners to address social science questions about enterprise and diversity.

  1. The 'Enterprise and Diversity Research Cluster' is a broadly constituted group of academics and practitioners who are committed to making a difference to the academic community, policy and practice. It welcomes engagement with researchers from all disciplines and non-academics with an interest in enterprise in all its forms.
  2. The Cluster actively promotes 'engaged scholarship', which is an approach that recognises the complementary concerns of practitioners and academics. This tradition recognises the value of quantitative and qualitative methodologies in advancing knowledge and shaping practice.
  3. The Cluster is the home of a variety of academic and practitioner initiatives designed to advance knowledge and inform practice. Prominent amongst these is the Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship; much of CRÈME's  activities with practitioners is delivered by its flagship knowledge-exchange vehicle, the Enterprise and Diversity Alliance.
  4. The Cluster seeks to work collaboratively with institutions inside and outside the University of Birmingham (UoB). UoB partners include the Institute for Research in Superdiversity and the Third Sector Research Centre. Cluster researchers are also members of key non-academic bodies, including the Mentoring Advisory Group and Equalities Advisory Group (Department of Business, Innovation and Skills), the Ethnic Minority Employment Stakeholders Group (Department of Work and Pensions) and the British Bankers Association.
  5. The Cluster actively seeks ideas and contributions from colleagues inside and outside UoB on complementary initiatives that can advance the understanding and practice of enterprise and diversity. A range of pathways for collaboration is available for potential partners.