About GVC

Birmingham Business School has always had research excellence in themes related to globalisation with a critical view on impact of multinational corporations on the global economy.

The Global Value Chain (GVC) Research Cluster has a distinctive perspective on the intersection between the global economy, global network collaborations, innovation and business systems, as well as firms’ clusters.

Its interests focus on inter-organisational relationships which cross national boundaries, raising questions about power relationships between firms and the extent to which national, international, public and private regulatory systems provide both constraints on, and resources for, different actors in the chain.

Raising questions about power relationships between firms...

This provides an analytical framework for identifying mechanisms of economic and social upgrading for sustainable and inclusive growth, focussing on the key role of public policy as well as the interests of different stakeholders in the upgrading of innovative capabilities in firms and places.

The GVC Research Cluster aims to focus on the dynamics of high as against low-roads to socio-economic development, highlighting the role of social institutions in supporting innovation, skill formation, work modernisation and labour standards in the context of contemporary changes in the global economy.