Research Centres and Clusters

Research within Birmingham Business School is structured into a number of centres and clusters to encourage a network form of organisation for collaboration and engagement, and to focus on international and engaged research. Through these hubs, the focus is to provide research of rigour and relevance both locally and globally in a diverse range of subjects and areas.

Research Centres

Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business

An innovative research collaboration between Lloyds Banking Group and Birmingham Business School, we aim to transform responsible business practice in the banking industry and beyond. The Centre brings together leading scholars in a dynamic collaboration, combining cutting edge academic thinking and practical real world perspectives to address systemic economic, social and environmental challenges within the responsible business space.


Responsible Business

Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME)

CREME delivers leading-edge expertise on business support for ethnic minority entrepreneurs. CREME has transformed the 'perceptions' of ethnic minority entrepreneurs by working with business policy-makers and influential organisations to engage collaboratively with overlooked or disregarded business communities. 




City Region Economic and Development Institute (City REDI)

City REDI is a research institute focused on developing an academic understanding of major city regions across the globe to develop practical policy which better informs and influences regional and national economic growth policies.




Centre for Crime, Justice and Policing

Bringing together a diverse group of academic researchers working within the areas of crime, justice and policing, the Centre acts as a unifying hub to support the needs of practitioners, providing training that will lead to sustainable knowledge transfer.



Centre for Crime Justice and Policing

Birmingham Centre for Environmental and Energy Economics and Management (BCEEEM)

The Birmingham Centre for Environmental and Energy Economics and Management (BCEEEM) brings together individuals from a variety of disciplines to examine the complex relationship between economic activity and the environment.



Birmingham Centre for Environmental and Energy Economics and Management

Research Clusters

Accountability and Governance

This research cluster has two core themes; Centre for Tax Governance (Tax) and Accountability and Governance in the Public Sector (Public Sector). The Centre for Tax Governance examines issues of tax governance from a social, political and organisational perspective, whilst the Public Sector centre focusses on the analysis of the objectives, practices and outcomes of accountability and governance in the context of the Public Sphere.



The China Research Cluster undertakes research to understand how and why China has developed and what this tells us about the future path of development and the challenges that China faces. China has become one of the largest economies in the world and an influential global player and the study of the Chinese economy has increasing importance as China becomes further integrated into the global economic structure.


Enterprise and Diversity

The mission of the cluster is to ask important research questions that make a difference to understanding and supporting entrepreneurial firms, policy makers and support providers. A key strength of the cluster is that it incorporates the Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME) and the Enterprise Diversity Alliance.


Financial Resilience

The main objective of this research cluster is to deliver world class multi-disciplinary research spanning finance & economics and science & engineering to better understand the wide range of complex factors that contributed to the recent financial crisis. Our research encompasses all aspects of the financial system to strengthen and protect the financial system from future crises.


Global Value Chains (GVC)

The Global Value Chain (GVC) Cluster focusses on inter-organisational relationships which cross national boundaries, raising questions about power relationships between firms and the extent to which national, international, public and private regulatory systems provide both constraints on, and resources for, different actors in the chain. The cluster includes the Centre for Research on the Economy and the Workplace (CREW)


Associated research centres and programmes

Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM)

  • CHASM is based jointly in Birmingham Business School and the School of Social Policy. Its aims are to provide a focus for world-class research on: financial security; financial inclusion; financial capability; and wealth taxation.

Midlands Excellence Organisational Improvement Programme (MidEx)

  • The MidEx programme at Birmingham Business School aims to generate a sustained positive benefit to the performance of organisations across the Midlands region.

Centre for Tax Governance (CETAG)

  • The Centre for Tax Governance of the Accountability and Governance Research Cluster (CETAG) was launched in 2015. The research centre is home to the tax research of the Accountability and Governance Research Cluster.