EUniWell Impact Frame work seeks to capture and evaluate the contribution of the alliance to individual, social and environmental well-being in the partner universities and regions.

EUniWell (The European University for Well-being) is an alliance of nine universities from across Europe (including the University of Birmingham) brought together with a shared mission to understand and improve the well-being of people across these institutions, their home regions, and Europe more widely.  Work to develop a methodological approach that can underpin this framework is being led from City-REDI in the University of Birmingham.

The first stage of this work reviewed existing approaches to i) evaluating university civic engagement and impact, and ii) defining and measuring individual and societal well-being. This led to a proposal for the development of a framework based on a self-assessment approach to evaluating university impact, which will be underpinned by a multidimensional understanding of well-being oriented towards domains prioritised by EUniWell.

The second stage of this work will test and refine this proposed approach through collection of qualitative evidence on the impact of the EUniWell alliance across the participating regions. This evidence will be shared with the universities and other partners in the network to help stimulate self-reflection and cross-institutional dialogue on the impact of the first phase of EUniWell. 


The Impact Framework work has three interrelated objectives:

  • To collect and report evidence of the impact of EUniWell activities on civic well-being in the participating regions.
  • To engage with EUniWell university and non-university partners to help them reflect on the wider impact of their activities as part of the alliance. 
  • To develop a pilot methodological framework for evaluating engagement and impact across multi-partner university alliances that can be applied in future phases of the EUniWell alliance.  

The main output from the Impact Framework will be a final report summarising the findings of the research and the finished version of the evaluation tool. 

Research team

Dr Paul Vallance, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham

Professor Robin Miller, Director of Global Engagement for the College of Social Sciences, University of Birmingham

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Funder/client: European Commission
Timescale: 2021-2023


Project contact: Dr Paul Vallance, Research fellow. Contact: