Linkages and Relationships of East European Migrant Firms

This project follows on from a Birmingham Business School pilot study into the linkages and relationships of East European migrant firms and their impact on the regional economy of the West Midlands. 

In-depth interviews were conducted with the owners of 15 migrant firms to establish the types of jobs created by these firms and for whom, linkages to other firms in the region and throughout the UK (i.e. suppliers), who is consuming and purchasing products from these firms, support from family, co-ethnics and social support, and how these firms have linkages with overseas.

This project involves research into the significant individuals involved in these businesses, both within the UK and overseas, to explore the linkages of the economy of the West Midlands region. These individuals are family members, support services or suppliers. I propose interviewed 1-2 significant individuals from each of the original businesses, totalling 25 interviews. In-depth interviews were conducted to explore the relationships between these significant individuals and the West Midlands based businesses. Some of these individuals are located in the UK, but others are located overseas, largely Poland. 


The research, combined with the previous pilot interviews, will be used to develop a theoretical framework for understanding migrant entrepreneurship in the regional economy. It highlights the impact of migrant entrepreneurship on the regional economy and the linkages of the West Midlands with other regions throughout, and beyond, the UK.

Research team

  • Dr Catherine Harris, Coventry University and City-REDI Associate


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Funder/client: Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham
Timescale: October 2017 - June 2018


Catherine HarrisProject lead: Catherine Harris