Understanding Migration: Building a Cohesive Migration Strategy for the West Midlands

This project involves regional research around migration across the West Midlands. Assessing key data around current and potential needs surrounding migration to enable effective planning of services and resources, identification of key gaps in provision, emerging trends in areas in order to support the development of some regional interventions to enable better local authority planning and provision as well as a better coordinated regional approach in future delivery of services.

It involves the development of three key building blocks of data and intelligence – a review of data on trends and patterns on migration, commentary on the issues and needs of key migrant client groups and consultation with stakeholders and service providers to review current service provision and local and regional support structures and processes.

It also involves the development of a regional planning toolkit providing information and guidance for planners, funders and practitioners which includes heat mapping, fact sheets highlighting the characteristics of each priority migrant client group, current numbers and growth trends, key issues, barriers and support needs and a report setting out key conclusions and recommendations including practical steps to improves current support service. 


Key outcomes that have been achieved through utilising this research are:

  • A robust assessment of migration and migration related provision and needs for the West Midlands, to help inform and shape future provision.
  • Identification of pressure and saturation points and emerging ‘hotspots’ or trends, enabling stakeholders to strategically and effectively plan in order to reduce, minimise or eradicate issues and replace with workable and appropriate support services and infrastructure as required
  • Provision of key information and data to inform the development and recommendations for the delivery of future plans and strategies around migration across the region, which will be recommended to Senior Officer, political leads and national partners.
  • Identification of any concentration of migrants in neighbourhoods that challenge local statutory service delivery. 
  • A toolkit or resource that can be updated periodically by the Partnership.

Research team

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Funder/client: West Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership (Birmingham City Council)
Timescale: November 2016 - May 2018


Catherine HarrisProject lead: Catherine Harris