Flexible working and the future of work

The Flexible Working and the Future of Work Project aims to promote quality flexible working across all industries in order to support gender equality in the workplace. 

Tools and publications

In the media

12 June, 2021 – Wall Street Journal article
How Working From Home Has Changed Employees

11 May, 2021 – Forbes Magazine article  
Are We Likely To Work Only 50% Of The Time In The Office?

20 February, 2021 – Guardian article 
I had no idea about the hidden labour’: has the pandemic changed fatherhood for ever?   

8 March, 2021 – New Statesman article
Inside Covid-19’s “lost year” for women at work   

23 October, 2020 – Stylist Magazine article  
Here’s how working from anywhere is going to transform how we feel about work  

Other research projects

Equal Parenting Project - Research and Impact


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