Leadership of Place

Transforming communities by changing the way we lead.

leadership of place

Photograph by Crest Nicholson

Why Place Matters

Place is a key determinant in defining people’s experiences of social exclusion, poverty, and socio-economic opportunity: the development of effective place leaders is a public policy requirement that cannot be left to chance or the market

By ‘place-shaping’ and ‘leadership of place’ we mean approaches to the long term development and maintenance of strong, sustainable and inclusive places.

Leaders of Place

Our work has highlighted the importance of leaders understanding their local context and developing interventions and responses that are applicable to local need and circumstance. We have established with leaders in the sector that there are five core behaviours that need to be shared across the leadership cohort:



What is the Leadership of Place programme? 

The Leadership of Place framework is a leadership development and change culture programme - developed out of a collaboration between the Homes and Communities Agency and the University of Birmingham. It has the potential to be used across a wide range of activities, supporting leaders who are under pressure to ‘think’ and ‘act’ differently in leading and delivering places.

Read the Leadership of Place report

Lisa Trickett led this project on Leadership of Place.

For a copy of the report please contact –

Liz Haydon
Project Administrator
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