Dr Ceren Ozgen

Dr Ceren Ozgen

The Department of Economics
Lecturer in Economics

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Department of Economics
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University of Birmingham
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Dr Ceren Ozgen is an applied economist and she works at the intersection of labour and demographic economics, international migration, and innovation.  She has published extensively on impact of cultural diversity, international migration and firm innovation. Her recent research focuses on skills mismatch in urban areas and overeducation in Dutch and UK labour markets. 

Feedback and office hours

Tuesday 10:30-12:00 & 15:00-16:30


  • PhD. Economics. VU University Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 2008-2013.
  • MA. Economics. University of Trento, (Italy).
  • MSc. Regional Planning. Istanbul Technical University, (Turkey)
  • BA. Urban and Regional Planning. Yıldız Technical University, (Turkey)


Ceren has held the following research positions:

  • 2016- Marie-Sklodowska Curie Fellow, Department of Economics and IRiS, University of Birmingham
  • 2014-2016 Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Spatial Economics, VU University Amsterdam
  • 2014-2015 Postdoctoral researcher, Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute Florence
  • Spring 2011 Visiting fellow, National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis, University of Waikato, New Zealand

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  • Development Economics – Bachelor level
  • New Migration – Bachelor level

Postgraduate supervision

  • Wenjing Kuai (2018 – present): Fully funded by the Chinese Government and the University of Birmingham
  • Hiromi Yumoto (2019 – present): Fully funded by the Japanese Government and World Bank
  • Faris Alosta (2020 – present): Fully funded by Birmingham Business School


Labour economics: Labour market impacts of international migration and cultural diversity, skills mismatch and technological change,innovation, human capital and knowledge spillovers, economics of population, migration policy.

Urban economics: Urban theory, economic geography, BIG data, regional development policies. 

Other activities


Policy and Press Coverage

  • The Times, 14 July 2020, “Air pollution found to raise Covid death risk”
  • The Guardian, 13 July 2020, “Compelling evidence air pollution worsens coronavirus – study”
    • The Conversation, 13 July 2020 “Air pollution exposure linked to higher COVID-19 cases and deaths – new study”
    • “Immigration and Firm Innovation in Western-Europe: Understanding the Channels of Influence”, Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute, Florence. Policy Brief, No. 2015/01.
    • Contributed to “Meer innovatie door buitenlanders?! (More innovation by foreigners?!)”, Report by Dr. Y.M. Prince, released by Panteia Netherlands (an organization for policy research & consultancy) in 2012.
    • Evidence Briefing on Immigration and innovation in European regions prepared for the UK’s ESRC to be presented to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, 2011. 
    • Research covered in The Wall Street Journal Blogs (Real Time Economics) titled “McDonald’s Economics”, May 12th, 2011
    • Research report on "Migration Impact Assessment: An Overview, Tentative Findings and a Framework", Commissioned by FORUM (Utrecht), 2009, (together with Peter Nijkamp, Tüzin Baycan-Levent, Masood Gheasi, Simonetta Longhi, Enno Masurel, Jacques Poot, Mediha Sahin).

Keynotes, Research councils and Advisory committees

  • Invited speaker for Battle of Ideas 2019, “Migration and Depopulation in Twenty-First-Century Europe” Session, Birmingham.
  • Invited speaker for Keynote Session at 11th IMISCOE Conference, Immigration, Social Cohesion & Social Innovation, Madrid 2014.
  • A framework study Economic Impacts of Diversity: Innovation, Productivity, Welfare, conducted in collaboration with OECD-International Migration Division, 2019.
  • External reviewer for Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), doctoral funding scheme PRIDE 2019.
  • External reviewer for annual BSF competition for research grants, United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation, 2018.
  • External reviewer for Singapore Ministry of Education Social Science Research Thematic Grants, 2017.
  • External reviewer for Social Sciences and Humanities Section, Research Council of Canada for Insight Grants, 2014.
  • Advisory group member and External reviewer for Council of Europe, Directorate of Democratic Governance, Culture and Diversity, 2014.


Peer-reviewed journal articles and books

Koster R.A.H, Ozgen C. (2021) Cities and Tasks, forthcoming in Journal of Urban Economics.

Ozgen C. (2021) The Economics of Diversity: Innovation, Productivity, and the Labour Market, Journal of Economic Surveys, 35(4): 1168-1216.

Cole A M, Ozgen C, Strobl E. (2020) Air Pollution Exposure and Covid-19 in Dutch Municipalities, forthcoming in Environmental and Resource Economics, Springer.

Carmichael F, Darko C, Ercolani M, Ozgen C, Siebert S. (2020) Evidence on intergenerational income transmission using complete Dutch population data, Economic Letters, 189(108996).

de Graaff, T., Arribas-Bel, D., & Ozgen, C. (2018). Demographic Aging and Employment Dynamics in German Regions: Modelling Regional Heterogeneity. In Modelling Aging and Migration Effects on Spatial Labour Markets (pp. 211-231). Springer, Cham.  

Ozgen C, Nijkamp P, Poot J. (2017) The Elusive Effects of Workplace Diversity on Innovation, Papers in Regional Science, 96(S1):29-49. (Also available as IZA Discussion paper: 7129).

Ozgen C, Peters C, Niebuhr A, Nijkamp P, Poot J. (2014)  Does Cultural Diversity of Migrant Employees Affect Innovation?, International Migration Review. 48 (1): 377-416.

Ozgen C, Nijkamp P, Poot J. (2013). The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Firm Innovation: Evidence from Dutch micro-data. IZA Journal of Migration, 2:18 (In top 10 all times most viewed articles of IZA Journal of Migration with 4499 accesses).

Ozgen C, Nijkamp P, Poot J.  (2012). Immigration and Innovation in European Regions. In Migration Impact Assessment: New Horizons. Nijkamp P, Poot P, Sahin M eds., Edward Elgar (Covered in The Wall Street Journal).

Ozgen C, Nijkamp P, Poot J. (2010). The Effect of Migration on Income Growth and Convergence: Meta-Analytic Evidence, Papers in Regional Science, 89: 537–561.

Erkut G, Baypinar MB, Ozgen C, Gönül D. (2008) Batı Marmara Bölgesi’nde Stratejik Kalkınma ve Sınırötesi İşbirliği, ITU Journal/a, 7(2), 114-127 (Strategic Development and Cross-border Cooperation in the Western Marmara Region).

Discussion Papers and Submissions

Koster H, Ozgen, C. (2020) Cities and Tasks, (Submitted).

Elliott R, Kuai W, Madison D, Ozgen C. (2020) Do eco-innovators hire more green workers? A task-based analysis, (Submitted).

Liu-Farrer G, Green A, Ozgen C, Cole M. (2020) Labour shortages in the UK and Japan: why neither relying upon immigrants nor training local workers is working, (Submitted).

Ozgen C. (2019) A Synthesis of the Economic Impacts of Cultural Diversity: Innovation, Productivity, and the Labour Market (R&R).

de Graaff T, Ozgen C, Roth D. (2019) Varying Youth Cohort Effects on Regional Labour Market Outcomes in Germany IZA Discussion paper: 11932. (Submitted).

de Graaff T, Arribas-Bel D, Ozgen C. (2017) Demographic Aging and Employment Dynamics in German Regions: Modelling Regional Heterogeneity. IZA Discussion paper: 10734.

Ozgen C, de Graaff T. (2013) Sorting out the Impact of Cultural Diversity on Innovative Firms: An empirical analysis of Dutch micro-data. Norface Migration Discussion paper: 2013-12.

Ozgen C, van Eijndhoven E, Nijkamp P, Poot J. (2011) Data Manual for Immigration and Innovation in European Regions. Norface Migration Discussion papers Supplementary Material.

Work in Progress

Ozgen C, van Ommeren J. Previous Firm Size and Earnings Growth Forthcoming as IZA DP.

Ozgen C. Education surplus, skills mismatch and technological change. 

Koster R.A.H, Ozgen C. (2021) Cities and Tasks, forthcoming in Journal of Urban Economics.

Ozgen C. (2021) The Economics of Diversity: Innovation, Productivity, and the Labour Market, Journal of Economic Surveys, 35(4): 1168-1216.