Professor Jan Bebbington

Professor Jan Bebbington

The Department of Accounting
Professor of Accounting and Sustainable Development

Contact details

Department of Accounting
Birmingham Business School
University House
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 2TT

Jan Bebbington is a Professor of Accounting and Sustainable Development in the Department of Accounting at Birmingham Business School.


  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.
  • Masters of Commerce (Honours), University of Canterbury, New Zealand.
  • PhD in Accountancy, University of Dundee


  • Academic development in the Professional Environment (2nd year undergraduate)
  • Social and Environmental Accounting (post-grad)
  • Professional Integrity and the Reflective Practitioner (post-grad)

Postgraduate supervision

I have supervised ten PhD students on topics including carbon accounting; zero waste governance; social accounting technologies; accountability and the cultural politics of sustainability.

I am interested in supervising students in any area of social, environmental and sustainability accounting as well as topics in sustainability science related to organisational control and accountability.

Applications on topics in carbon accounting/accountability; accounting implications arising from the Sustainable Development Goals and accounting issues with respect to modern slavery are especially welcome.


Research interests

I have expertise in social, environmental and sustainability accounting topics. This includes the design and evaluation of organisational control system (especially those related to accounting) to address complex/wicked problems presented by the sustainable development agenda. In order to do this work ‘well’, I have also become more engaged with the sustainability science research approach. This means that much of my work is now emerging from inter-disciplinary engagements.


Publications (selected recent):

Bebbington J. and Unerman, J. (2018). Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: an enabling role of accounting research, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 31(1), 2-24.

Unerman, J., Bebbington, J. & O’Dwyer, B. (2018). Corporate Reporting and Accounting for Externalities. Accounting and Business Research, 48(5), 497-522.

Bebbington, J. and Harrison, J. (2017). Global climate change responsiveness in the United States of America: an estimation of population coverage and implications for environmental accountants, Social and Environmental Accountability Journal, 37(2), 137-143.

Bebbington, J., Russell, S. and Thomson, I. (2017). Accounting and sustainable development: reflections and propositions, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 48(1), 21-34.

Bebbington, J. and Campbell, D. (2015). Economic democracy: exploring the ramifications for social and environmental accountants, Social and Environmental Accountability Journal, 35(2), pp. 77-85.

Bebbington, J., Larrinaga, C., Russell, S., and Stevenson, L., (2015), Organizational, management and accounting perspectives on biodiversity, pp.213-239, chapter in Gasparatos, A., and Willis, K. eds, Biodiversity in the Green Economy, (Routledge: London).

Bebbington, J. and Larrinaga, C. (2014). Accounting and sustainable development: an exploration, Accounting, Organizations and Society, 39(6), pp. 395-413.

Bebbington, J., Kirk, E. and Larrinaga-Gonzalez, C. (2012). The Production of Normativity: A comparison of reporting regimes in Spain and the UK, Accounting, Organizations and Society, 37(2), pp. 78-94.