Dr Carlo Corradini

Department of Management
Senior Lecturer in Regional Economics

Contact details

Birmingham Business School
University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TY

Dr Corradini is actively engaged in research on a variety of topics, including the economics of innovation, regional economics, as well as regional industrial and innovation policy. In particular, his research often connects these elements through an evolutionary economics perspective.


2017 - Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

2013 - PhD, Nottingham University Business School, Industrial Economics Group

2008 - MSc in Evaluation of public policy and regional development, University of Modena, Italy

2006 - BSc in Economics and Social Sciences, University of Modena, Italy


Dr Corradini joined Birmingham Business School in 2018 as a senior lecturer in Regional Economics, having spent the previous four years as Lecturer at Aston University. He holds a PhD from Nottingham University Business School and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

He is actively engaged in the scholarly debate on topics ranging from innovation to regional and spatial economics, with publications in top-ranked journals including Research Policy, Environment and Planning A, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Small Business Economics and Industrial and Corporate Change. He also acts as early-career Associate Editor for the journal Regional Studies.


  • Economics for Business (A)
  • Economics for Business (B)
  • Employment and Business Development in the EU (B)

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Corradini is interested in supervising PhD projects on regional innovation and regional economic development, technological change, evolutionary economics, innovation dynamics at the firm level, clusters and innovation, regional entrepreneurship as well as formal and informal institutions at the regional level.


Research interests

Dr Corradini main research interests include innovation in its different forms, regional economics and industry dynamics, mostly in the form of firm growth and new firm creation, as well as applied microeconometrics.

Current projects

Dr Corradini is currently involved in a BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants project whose objective is to capture and map informal information flows (‘buzz') affecting entrepreneurship and innovation exploiting the information available within geo-localised social media data.

Another project, funded by the Regional Studies Association Expo grant, is focused on the role of interregional smart collaboration for innovation. This research project is aimed at exploring policy implications of EU the smart specialisation strategy across lagging regions, and the challenges for balanced industrial development and growth in Europe.

Other projects include exploratory studies on regional productivity and skills, design innovation and persistence innovation dynamics.

Other activities

Associate Editor for Regional Studies


Recent publications


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