Dr Florian Gebreiter

Dr Florian Gebreiter

The Department of Accounting
Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Contact details

Birmingham Business School
University House
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, UK
B15 2TY

Florian Gebreiter is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting at Birmingham Business School. His principal research interests lie in two areas. Firstly, he examines accounting, accountability and control practices in the public and not-for-profit sectors. Secondly, he researches the accounting profession, with a particular emphasis on issues relating to recruitment, social mobility and professional socialisation. His research has been published in a range of international journals including Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, British Accounting Review and European Accounting Review.


  • PhD London School of Economics
  • MA Warwick Business School
  • BSc University of Manchester


Advanced Management Accounting

Public Sector Accounting

Postgraduate supervision

Florian welcomes applications from prospective PhD students whose proposals relate to his research interests.


Research interests

  • Accounting in the public and not-for-profit sectors (especially health and higher education)
  • The accounting profession (especially recruitment, social mobility and professional socialisation at accounting firms)
  • Accounting history


Gebreiter, F. (2020). Making up ideal recruits: graduate recruitment, professional socialisation and subjectivity at Big Four accountancy firms. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, forthcoming.

Gebreiter, F. and Hidayah, N. (2019). Individual responses to competing accountability pressures in hybrid organisations: the case of an English business school. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 32(3), 727-749.

Yates, D., Gebreiter, F. and Lowe, A. (2019). The internal accountability dynamic of UK service clubs: towards (more) intelligent accountability. Accounting Forum, 43(1), 161-192.

Gebreiter, F., Davies, M., Finley, S., Gee, L., Weaver, L. and Yates, D. (2018). From “rock stars” to “hygiene factors”: teachers at private accountancy tuition providers. Accounting History, 23(1-2), 138-150.

Gebreiter, F. (2017). Accounting and the emergence of care pathways in the National Health Service. Financial Accountability and Management, 33(3), 299-310.

Gebreiter, F. and Ferry, L. (2016). Accounting and the “insoluble” problem of health care costs. European Accounting Review, 25(4), 719-733.

Gebreiter, F. (2016). “Comparing the incomparable”: hospital costing and the art of medicine in post-war Britain. British Accounting Review, 48(2), 257-268.

Gebreiter, F. (2015). Hospital accounting and the history of health-care rationing in Britain. Accounting History Review, 25(3), 183-199.

Gebreiter, F. and Jackson, W. (2015). Fertile ground: the history of accounting in hospitals. Accounting History Review, 25(3), 177-182.