Dr Caroline Chapain

Dr Caroline Chapain

Department of Management

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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


  • Creativity, innovation, creative industries and creative cities and regions
  • Economic restructuring, plant closures and redundancies
  • Local and regional economic development
  • Public policies (governance, cluster policy)
  • Quantitative and qualitative methodologies


  • 2005: Ph.D. in Urban Studies, INRS-Urbanisation, Culture and Society, UQAM, Montreal, Canada
  • 1996: Msc in Economics (Public Finances), University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada
  • 1995: Bsc in Economics, University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada
  • 1994: Major in Economics, University of Paris 2, Melun, France


Previous experience

  • 2002-05: Research advisor on public finance, economic development, and cultural issues for the Montreal Metropolitan Planning Organization, Montreal, Canada
  • 2001-02: Research Associate in the field of transportation in North America at the Transport Institute of the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg
  • 1998-2001: Research Associate in the field of urban economics and transportation in North America at the Institute of National Scientific Research – Urbanization, Culture and Society in Montreal


  • Research Methods
  • Creative and Knowledge Economies


Current and recent projects

  • AHRC project on Community Media and the Creative Citizen (2012-2014)
  • AHRC project on Complexity and the Creative Economy (2011-2012) (more info at: http://www.complexity-creative-economy.net)
  • Future Directions for Creative-Knowledge Cities: A University of Birmingham 'Think Tank' event
  • Creative clusters and innovation. NESTA Research (2009-2010) (more info at: http://www.nesta.org.uk/events/assets/features/creative_clusters_and_innovation_report)
  • Accommodating Creative Knowledge: Competitiveness of European Metropolitan Regions within the Enlarged Union (ACRE): A four-year European research project led by the University of Amsterdam in partnership with CURS and 11 other institutions (2006-2010) (more info at: http://acre.socsci.uva.nl/)
  • Creative Regions in Europe.  Workshop series for the Regional Studies Association (2011-2012) (more info at: http://www.creative-regions.eu/)
  • A Framework for Intervention for Local Authorities Responses to the Recession, Audit Commission (2009) (see report from the Audit Commission at: http://www.audit-commission.gov.uk/nationalstudies/localgov/Pages/whenitcomestothecrunch12aug2009.aspx)
  • The social impact of the closure of the Rover plant at Longbridge and the efficiency of the policy response. Birmingham City Council and Advantage West Midlands (2008)
  • How to plan for economic restructuring, redundancies and/or closure? HEIF, University of Birmingham (2009)
  • The Economic and Social Impact of the Demise of Rover in Longbridge: a longitudinal and holistic approach to economic restructuring.  ESRC, in partnership with Birmingham Business School (2007-2009) (see report for the research at: http://www.workfoundation.co.uk/Assets/Docs/MG_Rover_130509.pdf)
  • Evaluation of the Street Ahead on Safety Programme.  WSP and Birmingham City Council, in partnership with HSMC (2007-2010)
  • Mapping the data environment for Digital Birmingham.  Digital Birmingham
  • Creative industries. Making the Business Case for Birmingham – Baseline and Growth Study.  Birmingham City Council (2007)
  • Digital Birmingham – Digital City by 2010.  Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Digital Board

Other activities

Recent Conferences

  • C. Chapain, 2011 Innovation in the film industry: The case study of the Soho cluster in London. Presented at the Third Global Conference on Economic Geography 2011, Space, Economy and Environment, June 28 - July 2, 2011, Seoul, Korea.
  • C. Chapain, D. Bailey and A. Burfitt, 2011 The recession and beyond: local authority responses to the downturn in England. Presented at the Third Global Conference on Economic Geography 2011, Space, Economy and Environment, June 28 - July 2, 2011, Seoul, Korea.
  • Chapain, C.A., Cooke, P., De Propris, L. and MacNeill, S. 2010.  Creativity and regional innovation in Great Britain, Regional Studies Association International Conference, Pecs, 25th-27th May 2010
  • Chapain, C.A. and Doering, H. 2009.  Post-closure regeneration and institutional thickness: the cases of MG Rover in Birmingham and coalfield closure in North West Leicestershire. Regional Studies Association International Conference, Leuven, 6th-8th April 2009
  • Chapain, C.A. and Murie, A.S. 2008. The Impact of Factory Closure on Local Communities and Economies: The Case of the MG Rover Longbridge Closure in Birmingham (In Regions: The Dilemmas of Integration and Competition, Regional Studies Association International Conference, Prague 27-29 May 2008, 30, ISBN: 9781897721339).
  • Chapain C.A. and Comunian, R. 2008. "Creative Cities” in England: researching realities and images. ICCPR Conference, Istanbul, 20-23 August 2008
  • Chapain, .CA. and Bailey, D.G. 2008.  Redundancies and Pathways to Re-employment in a Restructuring Economy: The Case of MG Rover in the West Midlands (In "Working Regions", Regional Studies Association Winter Conference, 28 November 2008).
Invited speaker
  • C. Chapain 2011, Creative industries and innovation: the case study of the Film and Video cluster in Soho London. University of Barcelona International Summer School on Creativity and Urban Policy Strategy. Barcelona, 18-22 July 2011
  • Roundtable on “Transformer nos talents en richesse". 19th Rencontres Nationales de l’Économie Territoriale.  L’économie autrement : Réforme territoriale, métropolisation, économie créative... autant de raisons d’innover dans le développement économique territorial, Roanne (France), 16th-18th of June 2010
  • Roundtable on "Recomposition économique et infrastructures" Symposium VRM des études urbaines, Dix ans d'études urbaines au Québec. Bilan et perspectives d'avenir, Montreal (Canada), 6-11 of June 2010
  • Beyond the Global Credit Crunch: Prospects and Policies for Mature Industrial Roundtable discussion with Prof Andy Pike (Newcastle University) and Prof. John Shutt (Leeds University) Regional Studies Association Policy Conference 2009 Coventry University 3rd of Dec. 09
  • Edificar las ciudades creativas. ¿Que función para los actores públicos y privados? Ciudades Creativas II. Las Jornadas de la Fundación Kreanta, Barcelona, 26-27th Nov. 09
  • Roundtable on “Tourisme et culture: les mariages réussis pour le développement des territoires et des entreprises", Forum Innovation, Tourisme et Culture, Saint-Etienne (France), 23rd-24th Nov. 09
Media contributions
  • Birmingham, touchée par la crise, espère beaucoup des élections. (by Beatrice Leveillee) 06/05/2010, Radio France Internationale, podcast
  • Le Royaume-Uni en crise pleure ses usines. (by Frederic Niel) 06/05/2010, Magazine Le Pelerin, article
  • Webcast for ACRE Research Project - Boosting Brummie Business, April 2010
  • Webcast for the End of an ESRC Project Symposium on “Life after Longbridge. Fours years on.”, Birmingham, April 2009
  • Webcast for a Mini-Commission on “Planning for Economic Restructuring and Redundancies. Learning from Experience”, Birmingham, May 2009:


Selected publications

  • Chapain, C., B. Lange and K. Stachowiak (2014) ‘Can medium-sized cities become Creative Cities? Discussing the cases of three Central and Western European cities.’ Roswoj Regionalny I Politika Regionalna, 24: 99-128Comunian R., Chapain C. and Clifton N. (2014) Creative industries and creative policies: a European perspective? City, Culture and Society, 5(2): 51-53.
  • L. Andres and C. Chapain (2012) The integration of cultural and creative industries into local and regional development strategies in Birmingham and Marseille: towards an inclusive and collaborative governance? Regional Studies
  • D. Bailey, C. Chapain and A. De Ruyter (2011) Employment outcomes and plant closures in a post-industrial city: an analysis of the labour market status of MG Rover workers three years on. Urban Studies.
  • D. Bailey and C. Chapain, 2011, The Recession and beyond: Local and regional responses to the downturn.London: Routledge. (http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415590341/)
  • C. Chapain and R. Comunian, 2011, Dynamics and differences across creative industries in the UK: exploring the case of Birmingham. REDIGE, Vol. 2, No.2 Special Edition on the Creative Economy, Available online at: http://www.cetiqt.senai.br/ead/redige/index.php/redige/issue/view/5/showToc
  • C. Chapain, P. Cooke, L. De Propris, S. MacNeill and J. Mateos-Garcia, 2010, Creative clusters and innovation, London: NESTA. Available online at: http://www.nesta.org.uk/events/assets/features/creative_clusters_and_innovation_report
  • Chapain, C.A. and Comunian, R. 2010. Enabling and inhibiting the creative economy: The role of the local and regional dimensions in England. Regional Studies, 44 (6), pp. 717-734
  • Chapain, C.A. and De Propris, L., eds., 2009  Drivers and processes of creative industries in cities and regions. Special Issue. Creative Industries Journal, 2 (1)
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  • Chapain, C.A., Lange, B. and Stachowiak, K.  (Forthcoming 2010). Des villes de taille moyenne peuvent-elles devenir des villes créatives? Rôle des industries créatives, des trajectoires urbaines et régionales et des discours politiques dans trois villes de l’Europe Centrale et Occidentale.  In: Corinne Berneman et Benoît Meyronin, eds.  Culture et attractivité des territoires: où en sommes-nous? L’Harmattan, France
  • Chapain, C.A. and Comunian, R. 2009.  Creative cities in England: researching realities and images.  In: Can we plan the creative knowledge city? Built Environment, 35 (2)
  • Chapain, C.A. and Lee, P. 2009. Editorial – Can we plan the creative knowledge city? Perspectives from Western and Eastern Europe.  Built Environment, 35 (2)
  • Chapain, C.A. and Murie, A. 2008.  The impact of factory closure on local communities and economies: the case of the MG Rover Longbridge closure in Birmingham.  Policy Studies, 29 (3), 305-317
  • Chapain, C.A., Bailey, D., Collinge, C., Coulson, A., Dalziel, R., Doering, H., Dunstan, E. and Trickett, L. 2009. A Framework for understanding Local Authority Responses to the Recession. A report for the Audit Commission. Birmingham Business School and Coventry University Business School. May 2009.
  • Brown, J.,  Barber, A.,  Chapain, C., Lutz, J., Gibney, J. and Murie, A. 2009.  Attracting talent? Birmingham and the West Midlands Region as a destination for the highly skilled. The view of transnational migrants. ACRE report WP7.3. Amsterdam: AMIDSt.
  • Bailey, D., Chapain, C.A., Fauth, B. and Mahdon, M. 2008. Life after Longbridge: Three Years on. Pathways to Re-employment in a Restructuring Economy. London: The Work Foundation. Available at: http://www.theworkfoundation.com/Assets/Docs/MG_Rover_2008.pdf


Creative industries and creative cities and regions; economic restructuring; plant closures; redundancies; local and regional economic development; public policies (governance, cluster policy); quantitative and qualitative methodologies

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