Dr Marco Barassi

Dr Marco Barassi

The Department of Economics
Lecturer in Econometrics
Programme Director

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Department of Economics
University of Birmingham
JG Smith Building
B15 2TT

Dr Marco Barassi joined the Department of Economics in September 2001 as a Lecturer in Econometrics.  He received his Ph.D. from the Imperial College in London. Marco's interests lie in the area of time series econometrics with particular reference to structural changes.


MSc (Birkbeck College)
PhD (Imperial College)


Econometric Theory, 3rd year undergraduate BSc Mathematical Economics and Statistics

Econometrics with Financial Applications, MSc Money Banking and Finance, MSc Mathematical Finance


Research Group:



Research Interests:

EconometricTheory and Applied Econometrics: Analysis of Non-stationary Time Series, Structural Changes in Time Series Models, Time series with Long Memory, Non-Linear Time Series Models with applications to Environmental Economics and Financial Economics.

Other activities

Programme Director for:

BSc Mathematical Economics and Statistics

BSc Economics with Languages and

Economics Joint Honours


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