Marco Ercolani

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Associate Professor in Econometrics

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Department of Economics
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University of Birmingham
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Marco is an applied econometrician. He works on a range of socio-economic problems with particular focus on using large datasets to look into issues on health, ageing, and education. In addition to using standard econometric procedures, he programs statistical packages to carry out non-standard regressions and tests. He enjoys working with colleagues on challenging topics of social and economic interest.

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B.A. Economics (University of Sussex)
M.A. Econometrics (University of Essex)
Ph.D. Economics (University of Essex)


Lecturer: Econ106  Quantitative Methods.
Lecturer: Econ333A Labour Economics.
Lecturer: EconG56  Introduction to Time Series Regression

Postgraduate supervision

Labour Econometrics

  • Kay HUANG
  • Cansu UNVER (2nd supervisor)
  • Marios DEMETRIADES (2nd supervisor)

Doctoral research

PhD title
PhD in Economics





Applied econometrics, with experience in handlingcross-section, panel and time-series data. General research interest isin 'bringing data to theories'. Current research interests include:Sickness absence behaviour among UK workers, modelling seasonal andnon-seasonal economic cycles; price changes at the introduction of theEuro; and contransting labour market outcomes for younger and older workers.

Other activities


Recent publications


Evans, LA, Ercolani, MG & Davies, P 2023, 'Epistemological beliefs, approaches to learning, and student performance in a UK Master’s programme with high Chinese enrolment', Cogent Education, vol. 10, no. 2, 2249654.

Ercolani, M, Aggarwal, R, Baker, A, Cooper, D & Jamieson, C 2023, 'Impact of a community pharmacy led antibiotic amnesty in the Midlands region of England', International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, pp. 1-3.

Carmichael, F, Darko, C, Daley, P, Duberley, J, Ercolani, M, Schwanen, T & Wheatley, D 2023, 'Time poverty and gender in urban sub-Saharan Africa: Long working days and long commutes in Ghana’s Greater Accra Metropolitan Area', Journal of International Development.

Carmichael, F, Darko, C, Ercolani, M, Ozgen, C & Siebert, S 2020, 'Evidence on intergenerational income transmission using complete Dutch population data', Economics Letters, vol. 189, 108996.

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Ercolani, M 2015, Economics for the eager: Why study economics in the UK? in Economics for the Eager: Why Study Economics?.


Jamieson, C, Cooper, D, Aggarwal, R, Ercolani, M & Barker, A 2022, 'Antibiotic amnesty — positive action to tackle antimicrobial resistance through community pharmacies', The Pharmaceutical Journal, vol. 309, no. 7963.

Commissioned report

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Working paper

Darko, C, Carmichael, F, Ercolani, M, Siebert, S & Ozgen, C 2019 'Evidence on intergenerational income transition using complete Dutch population data' IZA – Institute of Labor Economics. < >

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