Dr Sheena Leek

Dr Sheena Leek

Department of Marketing
Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Director of MSc Programmes

Contact details

Room 114, Ash House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Sheena joined the Birmingham Business School from the University of Cardiff in September 2004. In the area of business to business marketing she is interested in the role of information technology on communication within business relationships, the role of social capital in initiating relationships and branding. Within consumer behaviour her research interests include consumer confusion in high tech areas such as the mobile phone industry and convenience and healthy eating.


PhD, University of Birmingham
MSc Applied Psychology, Cranfield University
BSc (Hons) Combined Studies – biology and psychology, University of Leicester


Sheena is responsible for Research Skills (2nd Yr) on the Undergraduate courses. She is jointly responsible for the MSc level Research Methods module with Dr David Houghton.

Sheena is Programme Director for the MSc marketing suite.



  • The initiation of relationships through networking and social capital
  • The development of networks
  • Communication within business-to-business relationships
  • Business-to-business branding
  • Consumer confusion
  • Healthy eating and convenience


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