Dr Ferran Vendrell-Herrero

Dr Ferran Vendrell-Herrero

Department of Management
Senior Lecturer in Business Economics

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Birmingham Business School
University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr. Ferran Vendrell is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Business Economics. Ferran’s research aim is to uncover innovation, digitization and internationalization dynamics of small and large organizations in manufacturing and creative industries. Across these themes he has made a distinctive contribution through publications in top academic journals, including the Journal of World Business, International Journal of Production Economics, Technovation, Industrial Marketing Management, International Business Review, Small Business Economics, Regional Studies, Supply Chain Management, International Journal of Production Research and the International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Additionally, Dr Vendrell-Herrero has a relevant role in the growing academic community studying the implementation of services in manufacturing companies. He initiated and scientifically directs the International Conference on Business Servitization, which is now into its sixth edition and has co-edited special issues on service implementation in the International Journal of Production Economics, Regional Studies, International Marketing Review, Strategic Change and Competitiveness Review. Further to this, he is a co-investigator of the H2020 Makers - Smart Manufacturing for EU growth and prosperity, in which he has a leading role in the work package analysing how European manufacturers implement service business models.

Apart from his research activities, Ferran is a qualified teacher (HEA Senior Fellow, 2016) as well, with extensive experience teaching at all levels. He is the Year Abroad tutor (outgoing students) in the business school and teaches courses on business economics and macroeconomics.

As a PhD supervisor Dr Vendrell-Herrero supports students become adaptive and resilient in their own learning journeys. He welcomes enquiries from potential PhD students who are interested in economics of the organization, service/digital business models or international business. He is particularly interested in proposals that aim to uncover new insights in these areas through empirical investigation (via quantitative approaches only) and possibly through studies which are international in scope, and which aim to provide lessons for both practitioners and policy makers.



Economics for Business (1st year Bsc Business Management)

Intermediate Business Economics and the macroeconomy (2nd Year Bsc Business Management: Birmingham and Singapore)


  • Economics of the Organization 
  • Service and Digital Business Models
  • Strategy and International Business


Other activities


  • Scientific Director of the International Conference on Business Servitization



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