Dr Eliana Lauretta

Dr Eliana Lauretta

The Department of Finance
Post -Doctoral International Research Fellow

Contact details

University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Eliana Lauretta received her PhD from Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy. She is currently a Post-Doctoral International Research Fellow at Birmingham Business School – Department of Finance. She is module leader of Introduction to Finance for the UG programmes Money, Banking and Finance BSc and Accounting and Finance BSc. Her research interests include the study of macro and micro aspects related to the finance-growth nexus and financial innovation. Her research is policy oriented. Recently she started to be interested in learning and investigating the finance-growth nexus under the sustainability point of view.


  • PhD in Economic Policy – Quantitative Models for Policy Analysis (QMPA)
  • Laurea in Business Banking - Economics of Financial Markets and Institutions


Main Research Interests:

Her research interests include Money, Credit and Financial System, Monetary and Regulatory Policy, Economic Growth, Sustainable Finance, Financial Innovation and Business Cycle, Agent-Based modeling. 

Other research interests:

  • Tourism Economics and Development.
  • Finance and Sustainable Tourism.

Research Groups:

Member of the Financial Resilience Research Cluster.

Other activities

AISUK (Association of Italian Scientists in the UK) – Geographic areas coordinator.



Lauretta, E. (2017). The Hidden Soul of Financial Innovation: an Agent-Based Modelling of Home Mortgage Securitization and the Finance-Growth Nexus. Economic Modelling (in press).

Lauretta, E. and Mantovani, M. (2011). The impact of movie industries on tourism. The case of Detective Montalbano for the provincia of Ragusa (L’impatto delle produzioni cinematografiche sul turismo. Il caso del commissario Montalbano per la provincia di Ragusa). SIEV Journal (Italiana di estimo e valutazione -  Article in Italian) Vol. IV, No. 7, pp. 67-81.

Working/Discussion Papers:

Nasir, M. A. and Lauretta, E. (2017). A Treatise on the TARGET2 Imbalances & Stagnation in Europe. SSRN.   

Lauretta, E., Chaudhry, S. M. and Mullineux, A. W. (2016). Theory and Evidence on the Finance-Growth Relationship: The Virtuous and Unvirtuous Cycles. MPRA.

Lauretta, E. (2014). Finance and Growth: Modern Interpretations of the Thoughts of Schumpeter. SSRN.


Lauretta, E. (2015). The Too Big To Fail Excuse. IPT (Industry and Parliament Trust) Resilient Futures Finance Report

Works in progress:

Lauretta, E., Mazzocchetti, A., Raberto, M. and Cincotti, S. Financial Innovation, Banking System and Housing Market. Is the Concept of Financial Innovation Enough to Explain the Banks’ Regulatory Arbitrage?

Lauretta, E., Chaudhry, S. M. and Mullineux, A. W. Cyclical Evolution in Finance Growth Nexus: Theory and Evidence.

Lauretta, E., Kelly, L. and Binner, M. J. Liquidity, Credit and the Phillips Curve.