Anique Buddhdev, Mathematical Economics & Statistics BSc

I took university as a chance to meet new people, explore a new place and study at a highly reputable institution; The University of Birmingham had it all.


During my A levels I knew I wanted to study an Economics related degree but I also relished the statistics aspect of mathematics. Henceforth the University of Birmingham was the perfect choice for me, it is one of the few universities that have a degree which merges these two interests. I took university as a chance to meet new people, explore a new place and study at a highly reputable institution. The University of Birmingham had it all. I got the best of both worlds as it has an intimate campus atmosphere yet is minutes from a bustling city centre with a wide range of shops, restaurants and nightlife.

I was most attracted to the course at Birmingham because of the flexibility of modules and how you could tailor your degree to the aspects of economics that you were most interested in. The choice is endless from politics, economic theory to more mathematical modules such as game theory and econometrics; there is something for everyone.

Outside of academics there is a variety of opportunities for students to get involved in from sports teams to music and drama societies. In second year I was events coordinator for the Hindu society which was a great opportunity to meet new people and use my event planning skills!

Studying a degree at the University of Birmingham definitely opened doors for me in terms of careers. I had no idea what profession I wanted to pursue after graduating. Thus I took the opportunity to try out a few different options between each year of studying. In my first year I took part in the spring week program at JP Morgan which gave me an insight into the world of investment banking. In between my second and third year I did an industrial placement with the Government Economics Service where I learnt how public policy is developed and how economics can be applied to real world situations. Before returning for my final year I did a summer internship at KPMG where I experienced the world of professional services.

I feel that my time at the University of Birmingham has well equipped me to enter the ‘real world’ as well as giving me a lifetime of memories and foundations for any career path. I would unquestionably recommend Birmingham to anyone looking to study an economics related degree; it is truly an unforgettable experience. In September I will be starting the graduate scheme at KPMG, training to become an actuary.

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