Global Masters Scholar: Meril Saji

Meril Saji, an LLM Criminal Law and Criminal Justice student, shares his experience in receiving the Global Masters Scholarship.

Meril Saji

"I found out about the scholarship on the University's website, under International Student Scholarships. As an international student I was keen to explore what funding options were available to me. 

The application process was straightforward. I had to complete an application form that required me to provide basic information as well as an answer to a question. I should also mention that the scholarship selection process considered the extracurricular and co-curricular accomplishments in addition to my GPA. The scholarship appropriately assesses all the student's talents. While drafting the answer, I was able to jot down my thoughts. After that, all I had to do was wait for the results, which came in a few weeks. The Scholarship team was approachable and responsive to any inquiries and guided me throughout the process. 

Any impact I've had since receiving the scholarship has been all beneficial. Friends and classmates congratulate me on receiving the scholarship. My family is overjoyed because I have not only relieved their financial burden, but I have also been accepted into the finest University in the country based on my merit. Furthermore, I have never been treated any differently as a result of receiving a scholarship. I have access to all the facilities provided to any other student at the university, there is absolutely no division in treatment between us.

I am glad to have chosen to study Criminal Law and Criminal Justice at the University of Birmingham. Every lesson is intriguing, and I learn a lot from interactive discussions with classmates and professors. The interactive seminars based on research and discussion have made me more confident and expressive. The lecturers are really encouraging, and it is because of this that I have been able to participate in the class. Over the previous four months, life in Birmingham has been incredible. The campus is immense, and I've met people of many nationalities, cultures, and languages. The campus has a plethora of exciting opportunities and events to participate in. So far, my desire of studying at the 'red brick' university has been fulfilling, and I look forward to participating in more activities in the future."

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