Ioannis Nakas – PhD in Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology

PhD in Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology student, Ioannis, says life is exciting as a researcher at the University of Birmingham. We find out more about his experience studying with us here. 

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Why did you choose PhD in Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology?

“By studying the history and archaeology of the classical antiquity, one goes back to the origins of the modern civilization and explores a world uniquely diverse and exciting, especially the world of ancient Greece and Rome.”

What did you choose to undertake research at the University of Birmingham?

“Birmingham University is one of the best places to do my research. With a highly qualified and experienced staff, excellent facilities (including the central library) and resources, it leads the research in classics in the UK and Europe."

What are the best things about your programme?

"The best things about my course is the great support and close and meticulous supervision I am receiving from my supervisors, as well as the sense of connection of the local research community”

What is life like as a researcher at the University of Birmingham?

“Life is exciting as a researcher at the University of Birmingham. There are Lots of events, conferences and presentations by renowned scholars and new colleagues, as well as an energetic community of students and a buzzing modern city”

What support have you received during your PhD?

“I have received a generous full scholarship by the College of Arts and Law, as well as support by the services of the University and my supervisors for any issue I have encountered.”

Outside of your research, what experience have you gained and how will it help you in the future?

“The most important experience outside my research has been the chance to interact and work with a variety of diverse scholars, both students and members of the teaching staff, as well as experiencing the life of the campus and meeting people from the other departments too” 

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