Jay Mountford – MA Music

MA Music student, Jay Mountford, tells us more about her experience studying at the University of Birmingham.

Jay MountfordWhy did you choose Music at the University of Birmingham?

“It was the only course which I could perfectly custom to my needs. I’m already working as a cellist, but wanted to complete my Masters without giving up the playing I’m already doing, so Part-time was the answer. Added to that, I wanted to select which modules I wanted to do, but keep the performance aspect of it. So, this course turned out to be perfect for me.”

What has been the highlight of your course?

“I think the ones which have hit me the most would be the Performance Health and Wellbeing sessions. Despite my job as a performer, I still suffer sometimes crippling performance anxiety, and this particular module has helped me identify the exact areas which need work. I’m also looking forward to performing in The Barber Institute Concert Hall for my final recital project!”

What have you learnt from your programme?

“I would have to say without question that the basics aspects of performance confidence have been helpful for me. Visiting speakers on the subject shared some valuable information, help and advice. I’ve also learned that I’m more confident than I thought as a speaker, having done a few modules involving spoken presentations. Now I’m learning to transfer those skills to my performing.”

What is life like as a student at the University of Birmingham?

“It’s been a bit surreal! I’m a ‘mature student’, but I look quite young. So it’s been really fun seeing student’s expressions when it dawns on them that I’m older than they are! Again, being on a tailor-made Part-time course has also massively been advantageous, so I’m able to take part in as little or as much as I am able.”

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