Bill Frith


Bill Frith is a physical scientist specialising in foods and personal care product technology. He has been working in industrial R&D since 1986, after completing his PhD he joined ICI in Runcorn, UK and spent seven years there.

Bill joined Unilever R&D at Colworth in 1993, and has been there ever since.?? People call him a Rheologist, but he sees himself as more of a general physical scientist. He has experience across a broad range of topics including:

  • Reactivity in powder mixtures.
  • Pigment structure and scattering in coatings.
  • Computer simulation of particle packing.
  • Optical tweezers for microrheology applications.
  • Rheology of suspensions, emulsions, polymer solutions and gels.
  • Formation and properties of sheared gels.
  • Formation, stability and rheology of particle stabilised emulsions.
  • Self-assembly and gel formation of functionalised peptides and amino acids.