Research Projects - EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Formulation Engineering

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The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Formulation Engineering collaborates with a variety of leading Research & Development (R&D) organisations. Partnerships ensure a joint approach to solving problems in a sustained manner, whilst access to a talented pool of research engineers provide novel ideas that are examined long-term and implemented.

Formulation Engineering is an interdisciplinary subject. Projects are undertaken by research engineers in different disciplines. Areas include: chemistry, physics and biochemistry. The modules taken depend on the students’ research background and the project, but they cover the fundamental science and engineering behind formulation engineering, as well as the business, legal and marketing aspects that allow research engineers to converse fully with other divisions of their sponsors.

Below are the seven main thematic areas within the CDT in Formulation Engineering Programme, along with all students and projects involved:

Medical and Healthcare Formulations

Current projects:

Charles Kelly Moore - Pall Corp
PAT informing the manufacture and formulation of biotherapeu tic protein products

James Clarke - Bristol Myers Squibb
EPSRC supported EngD: Attrition of pharmaceutical powders

Maria Charalampoulous - Boots Contract Manufacturing/Colgate Palmolive
Formulation and processing of alcohol free mouthwash

Thomas Hall - Matoke Holdings
Novel Antimicrobial Delivery Systems

Rachael Shinebaum - Astra Zenica
Liquid Distribution and Mixing in Continuous Granulation

Matthew Ribbans - BEng Materials Science and Technology
Enhancing the Integration of Skeletal Megaprosthetics

Sophie Louth - Renishaw
Additive manufacture of custom medical devices

Thomas Robinson - Roy Col Def Med
Dispersing heterotopic ossification

Mineral and Ceramic Formulations

Max Dawes - AWE
Processing of Boron Carbide

Elliott Douse - Rolls-Royce
Formulations for fast make processes for evaluating new blade geometries

Adam Edwards - Rolls-Royce

Lewis Taylor - FiberLean
Optimisation of a stirred media detritor  for microfibrillated cellulose production

Rebecca Gibson - Johnson Matthey
Developing fundamental understanding of thermal processing of catalyst formulations

Sophie Rimmer - Imerys
Milling of Calcium Carbonate

Emma Jones - Rolls-Royce
Compensating Investment Casting Formulations for Raw Material Variation

Emulsion and Wax Formulations

James Simpson - Rolls-Royce
Wax formulation and shaping processes and their influence on assembly

Ola Sadiq - BASF
BASF Project on Wax Hardening in Melt Emulsification

Amy Voong - Rich Products/Kerry Ingredients
Formulations used for coating of food systems

Formulated Consumer Goods for Cleaning

Andrew Gray - P&G (Newcastle)
Measuring and Predicting the Burst Properties and Trigger Points of  Microcapsules

Erick Henneberg - P&G and Diego Rolls Royce

Despoina Zympeloudi - P&G
Investigating soil removal mechanisms   to reduce water usage during hand wash laundry processes

Emily Summerton - P&G
Low temperature stability of surfactant systems

Perrakis Bistis - P&G
Understanding biofilm cohesion and adhesion forces

Chris Jones - P&G
Thermo-physical effects of tumble drying on the delivery of fabric care benefits: Fabric drying and treatment models

Jessica Tuck - P&G (Cincinnatti)
Research into Formulation Engineering

Sensing and Mixing in Formulations

Cyrus Espinoza - Unilever R&D Port Sunlight
Unilever Scale up of emulsification processes

Thomas Machin - Industrial Tomography Systems
Characterisation of Multiphase Formulated and Complex Fluids Using Process Tomography

Giuseppe Forte - Johnson Matthey
Development of existing characterisation techniques from the laboratory to on-line measurement implementation

Domenico Daraio - Johnson Matthey
Powder catalyst manufacturing processes

Manuele Romano - Johnson Matthey
Mixing of non_Newtonian fluids in the transitional regime

Diego Marco Garcia

Formulations for Surfaces and Films

Jake Airey - Rolls-Royce
The Tribological Performance of Gas Turbine Lubricants

Lawrence Shere - Innopsec
Improving Efficiency of Screening for the Development of Specialist Chemicals

Amy Seaman - Dupont Teijin
Optical Quality PET Film - Influence on Particulate Nanoadhesion

Nathan Lee - Rolls-Royce
Ion Exchange Resin Behaviour in Coolant Treatment Systems


Food and Drink Formulations

David Beverley - Jacob Douwe Egberts
Extraction of key aromatic compounds (KACs) from roast and ground coffee