Transferable Skills for Postgraduate Students
(Coniston Trip)

From this module, students will be able to enhance their transferable skills - especially their communications skills and team working skills.

The course is split into two parts. The first part is based in the University and deals with how to present data via a poster and verbal presentations. The second part, based at the Raymond Priestley Outdoor Centre in Coniston, concentrates on the development of team and interpersonal skills by participation in activities to encourage strategic, time, and project planning and management. The course is undertaken in a residential environment to facilitate the development of the team ethos, where the team are given progressively challenging scenarios which require team member participation through planning, delegation, team working and problem resolution for the achievement of the task. The tasks are under the responsibility of a facilitator (from the Centre for outdoor pursuits, and from School staff/nominees for the management games/challenges) and teams are each guided by an appointed mentor for the course duration. Teams participate in a debriefing after each half-day of the programme, for the recognition of achievements, and for the recognition of skills and attributes to transfer forward to future challenges.