Athena SWAN Charter for Women in STEM

Athena Swan

The Athena SWAN Charter aims to advance representation of women in science, engineering and technology. It promotes and rewards good employment practice in the recruitment, retention and progression of female academics. 

To find more about the principles of the Charter, please visit the Athena SWAN Website. To find out more about the University's Bronze Award, you can visit the Athena SWAN Charter page.

The Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team

The group is set up to assess data involving gender information, policies and procedures in the School and work towards the recognition of the Athena SWAN Bronze Award.

The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The group is set up to deliver actions ensuring equity of opportunity across the School for all its members.

How to get involved

Please contact one of the members of the group.

Career Highlights

Francia Allabush

Equality and Diversity events

Current events

To be updated shortly.

Archived events

  • 28th June 2016, Athena SWAN Seminar delivered by Professor Tom Welton, Imperial College London, 13:00-15:00, Haworth 203
  • 20th April 2016, Towards an LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum, 12:00-14:00, Mechanical and Civil Engineering B01
  • 23rd March 2016, Issues impacting on BME students, and approaches to race equality 13:00, LR2, Arts & Law Building
  • 11th March 2016, LGBTQ inclusivity in HE 13:00-17:00, Room 714/715 7th Floor Muirhead Tower
  • 8th March 2016, International Women’s Day Networking Event 16:30, The Barber Institute. 
  • 3rd November 2015, Athena SWAN Seminar 13:00 - Prof. Jane Hill, University of York (Biosciences E102) - "Path to Athena SWAN Gold - Some Reflections from Biology at York"
  • 20th July 2015, Career Talk 09:30 - Prof. Eric Anslyn, University of Texas (Haworth 203) - "Professor Anslyn: Career in Research"
  • 29th June 2015, Athena SWAN Seminar 14:00 - Prof. Paul Walton, University of York (Haworth 101) "Equality for Women in Science: Now, Sometime, Never?" 
  • 24th March 2015, Physics International Women's Day Celebration 13:30 - Prof. Yvonne Elsworth, University of Birmingham (The Barber Institute, Lecture Theatre G11) "A Random Walk From Undergraduate to Poynting Professor"
  • 5th February 2015, Athena SWAN Workshop 12:30 - Dr Brendan Burchell, University of Cambridge (Muirhead Tower 710) "Employment and Well-Being: How Much Work Should We Do in the 'Good Life'?"•
  • 30th June 2014 School Seminar Prof. Eileen Ingham, University of Leeds "Research, translation and commercialisation of acellular biological scaffolds"
  • 24th June 2014, 3rd RSC Younger Member Symposium(YMS2014) Prof. Lesley Yellowlees, President of the Royal Society of Chemistry “Identity, Impact and Voice or ‘How did I get here?'”
  • 9th October 2013, Athena SWAN Seminar Prof. Dame Athene Donald, University of Cambridge "Facilitating Women's Progression to the Top"
  • 2nd November 2012, Athena SWAN Seminar Professor Robin Perutz, FRS, "Activities at York" Chemistry  College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Staff house
  • 13th September 2012,  Athena SWAN Information Event, School of Chemistry
  • 13th September 2012, Women in Science Network Evening, RSC Birmingham and West Midlands,  Winterbourne Gardens, UoB
  • 28th January 2012, Athena SWAN Information Event: Data and Activities in Chemistry.

Equality and Diversity Outreach events

Examples of recent Equality and Diversity Outreach events

Please visit the School Outreach and Public Engagement pages for more examples.
  • 21st - 22nd April 2016 - The School of Chemistry again hosts the Salter's Festival of Chemistry, with participation from numerous schools across the West Midlands
  • 17th and 19th March 2016 – Dr Mark Read runs spectroscopy and dry ice demos at the BigBang, NEC, Birmingham
  • 1st March 2016 – Dr Mark Read visits Malvern St. James Girls’ School to deliver “Spectroscopy in a suitcase
  • 15th February 2016 – Dr Mark Read delivers a lecture on the “Spectroscopy of Stars” at Leicester Space Centre
  • 16th September 2015 - Dr Louise Male hosted a "Girls in STEM" workshop in the School of Chemistry
  • 15th July 2015 - Dr Sarah Horswell ran a "Headstart - Materials for Energy" workshop

Archived Equality and Diversity Outreach events

Big Bang fair

  • A group of students with the alginate molecule they built at a recent Girls in STEM Day.

Alginate molecule

  • Emily Doyle, a 2nd Year Undergraduate, represented the Chemical Sciences at the RSC Three Counties Show.


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Funding Links

Royal Society Athena Prize

The Royal Society Athena Prize is awarded biennially (in even years) for “individuals or teams, working in UK academic and research communities, who have contributed most to the advancement of diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) within their communities”.

The recipient(s) of the prize receives a medal and a gift of £5,000 and runners-up will receive a gift of £1,000. 

Funding available for participation in National Equality & Diversity events

The EPS Equality and Diversity group, is currently working on a number of exciting initiatives to give greater visibility to the Equality and Diversity agenda within the College. Funding is available to support attendance at national E&D events.

L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science UK & Ireland Fellowships Programme

The L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science UK & Ireland Fellowships Programme awards.

The fellowships are open to female postdoctoral researchers working in the field of life and physical sciences, engineering, mathematics and computer sciences. This unique award is designed to provide practical help to aid female post-doctoral researchers in continuing their cutting-edge research. The fellowship can be spent as the fellow wishes; it could buy a piece of scientific equipment, help to cover child care costs or be used to fund conference travel.

Daphne Jackson Trust

The Daphne Jackson Trust supports scientists and engineers returning to research after a career break.

Further information on other research fellowships is available on the School of Chemistry research webpages.