School of Chemistry events

January 2013

Tue 15 January PSIBS Seminar - CANCELLED
12.00 - Prof Neil Thomas, University of Nottingham "Developing Human Apoferritin into a Multimodal Imaging Platform and Drug Delivery Vehicle"

Thurs 17 January ChemSoc Talk
13:00 - Dr Audrey Matthews, De Montfort University (Ha101)  "The Science of Chocolate"

Tue 22 January  PSIBS Seminar
12:00 - Dr Joanna Collingwood, Warwick University (LC UG07)"Chasing Metals in the Degenerating Brain: Recent observations with Synchrotrons, SQuIDS and MRI"

Tue 22 January  Research Seminar
14:00 - Dr Tom Sheppard, UCL (LC-UG07) "Water Driven Synthesis: Formation and Activation of Carbon-Oxygen Bonds"

Tue 29 January  PSIBS Seminar
12:00 - Dr Stephen Matcher, University of Sheffield (LC UG07)
Host: Prof M. Hannon

Thur 31 January  PhD/PDRA Seminar
16:00 - Dr Jean-Louis Duprey, University of Birmingham (Ha203)  "Metal Mediated Base Pairs for DNA Secondary Structure"

February 2013

Mon 11 February Research Seminar
14:00 - Dr Chris-Kriton Skylaris, University of Southampton (McE G31) "Density Functional Theory Calculations with Thousands of Atoms"
Host: Prof R. Johnston

Tue 19 February School Seminar - RSC Gibson-Fawcett Award
14:00 - Dr Andrew Fogg, University of Liverpool (McE G36) "Application of In Situ Diffraction Studies in Materials Discovery"
Host: Dr P. Slater

Mon 25 February School Seminar
12:00 Prof Alice Roberts, University of Birmingham (Ha101) "Reflections on Public Engagement with Science"
Host: Dr J. Tucker

Tue 26 February Research Seminar
12:00 Dr Brian O-Regan, Imperial College, London (AWEB-Senate Chamber) "Measurement of Electron Transfer Into, Out of, and Through TiO2 Nanostructured Films, Relevance to Dye Sensitized Solar Cells and Related Technologies"
Host: Dr E. Baranoff

March 2013

Mon 4 March PhD/PDRA Seminar (Ha203)
17:00 - Mr Rory Steven, "Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation Mass Spectrometry of Biological Samples"
and Mr Antoine Vallatos, "Manipulating Spins, an Introduction to Magnetic Resonance techniques"

Tue 5 March Research Seminar
14:00 - Dr Andre Cobb, University of Reading (Bio E102) "The Synthesis of Unnatural Biomolecules"
Host:Dr. P. Davies

Wed 6 March EPS College Seminar
17:00 - Dr Yan Wong, University of Leeds (Ha 101) "Telling Science Fact from Fiction: Genetically Engineering the Physical World"
Host: Ms Carlotta Figliola

Tue 12 March Research Seminar
14:00 - Dr David Carbery, University of Bath (Bio E102) "The Application of Organocatalysis to Redox and Asymmetric Contexts"
Host: Dr P. Davies

Tue 19 March Research Seminar
14:00 - Dr Craig Butts, University of Bristol (AWEB-WG12) "NMR Without Shifts or Coupling Constants - Chemical Structures at the Push of a Button"
Host: Dr M. Britton

April 2013 

Mon 15 April PhD/PDRA Seminar (Ha203)
16:00 - Ms Rian Griffiths, "MALDI-MS Analysis of Lipids"
and Dr Aimee Gamie "DNA Binding Ferrocene GCN4 Dimers for Electrochemical Sensing"

May 2013

Tue 7 May Research Seminar 
14:00 - Prof.  David Smith, University of York (McE-G29) "SAM-Dendrimers - A Self-Assembled Multivalent Approach to Nanomedicine"
Host: Dr J. Fossey

Tue 7 May Inaugural Lecture 
17.15 - Prof. Peter Slater, School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham (McE-G33) "Perfecting Imperfection: The Role of Defects in Functional Energy Materials"

Tue 21 May School Seminar  - RSC Chemistry of Transition Metals Award
14:00 - Prof. Chris Chang, UC Berkley (Ha101) "Molecular Imaging Approaches to Mapping and Studying Inorganic Chemistry in the Brain"
Host: Prof M. Hannon

Tue 29 May Research Seminar
10:30 - Prof. Bruno Therrien, University of Neuchatel (Ha203) "Water Soluable Organometallic Cages for Drug Delivery"
Host: Dr E. Baranoff

June 2013

Tue 4 June Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Nick Fletcher, Queens University Belfast (McE-B07) "Structural Considerations in Designing Molecular Probes"
Host: Dr Z. Pikramenou

27-28 June Postgraduate Symposium
lectures (Ha101)
posters (Haworth Reading Room)

July 2013

Mon 1 July Cross-School Collaborative Meeting
POSTPONED - "Meet the Bioscientists" (Ha203) All chemists welcome.
Organiser: Dr Anna Peacock

Tue 2 July Research Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Andy Wilson, University of Leeds (Ha203) "Adventures in Non-Covalent Chemistry: From Self-Assembly to Protein Surface Recognition"
Host: Prof. J. Tucker

Fri 26 July Research Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Sandeep Ghosal, Northwestern University, (Ha209a) "Through the eye of a needle: how polymers go through nanopores"
Host: Dr Dwaipayan Chakrabarti