Spectroscopy resource pages for schools 

Welcome to the School of Chemistry's spectroscopy resource pages for schools. These pages aim to provide 'A' level students and teachers with a full set of spectroscopic data for simple organic compounds with different functional groups.

Our spectroscopic resources

  • Mass spectrometry and its ionisation techniques - a  brief explanation.

Other useful links to spectroscopic resources

  • About.com (Chemistry) - Global information resource including some spectroscopy.
  • Analytical Spectroscopy (Science Hypermedia) - Part of Brian M. Tissue's educational hypermedia resource.
  • University of Akron - "The Virtual Classroom" (USA) - Extensive undergraduate level lecture material in many fields of chemistry, including sections on Molecular Spectroscopy and the instrumentation used.
  • University of Massachusetts (USA) - Spectral animations with Chime and J-CAMP, using your web browser.
  • University of West Indies Mona (Jamaica) - Interactive FTIR problems and tutorials are included in a comprehensive site by Robert Lancashire in the Department of Chemistry.
  • University of Widener - Chester (USA) - Introduction to IR Spectroscopy and Greenhouse Gases.
  • WebSpectra - A library of NMR and IR spectroscopy problems for chemistry students, from UCLA.